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Testing in production? It's scary until it's not. Take control of software releases. Ship fast. Rest easy. And LaunchDarkly.
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Than Average
//thanaverage comments

River Runner: drop a raindrop anywhere in the USA, watch where it ends up
//samlearner comments

M1RACLES: An Apple M1 covert channel vulnerability
//m1racles comments

Welcome to Libera Chat
//libera comments

Learn CSS
//web comments

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning
//ford comments

Why I prefer making useless stuff
//utk comments

Fierce Nerds
//paulgraham comments

The Third Thumb Project
//daniclodedesign comments

Blog about what you've struggled with
//jvns comments

#Ask HN

Favorite Blogs by Individuals?

How to get started with audio programming?

Desperately need “sales for nerds” advice

#Show HN

Sublime Text 4 //sublimetext comments

Stripe Payment Links //stripe comments

Spintronics: Build Mechanical Circuits //kickstarter comments

Inflation-adjusted Hacker News //instruments comments

I wrote a free Mac app to OCR any text on screen //github comments

Cascade Timeline Maker //cascade comments

Goodreads for Newsletters //readsom comments

Put a progress bar on your Twitter profile picture //blackmagic comments


Voice2json: Offline speech and intent recognition on Linux //voice2json comments

Why and how GitHub is adopting OpenTelemetry //github comments

JsonLogic //jsonlogic comments

Video uploads now available across GitHub //github comments

Raw keyboard handling in Unix terminals //kovidgoyal comments


The Expanse UI Design //hudsandguis comments

Soviet Brutalist Architecture Photographed by Frederic Chaubin //weirdrussia comments


The anus is an evolutionary marvel //theatlantic comments

An Introduction to Knowledge Graphs //stanford comments

Initial Stress-Derived Noun //wikipedia comments

Atomic Gardening //wikipedia comments

50B birds live on Earth, new study finds //dw comments


It's probably time to stop recommending Clean Code //qntm comments

I wrote a book about UI [pdf] //user-interface comments

Eric Carle, writer and illustrator who gave life to The Very Hungry Caterpillar //washingtonpost comments

Dorodango: the Japanese art of making shiny mud balls //laurenceking comments

John Steinbeck’s estate urged to let the world read his shunned werewolf novel //theguardian comments

The Simple Haskell Handbook //leanpub comments


How I, as someone who is visually impaired, use my iPhone //twitter comments

Facebook says I'm abusive content //youtube comments

Not Just Bikes //youtube comments


Working at a startup is overrated, both financially and emotionally //every comments

Companies excluding Coloradans from remote jobs to avoid sharing salary ranges //reddit comments

Ask HN: Engineering managers; what are the problems you face? //ycombinator

#Startup News

Amazon acquires MGM for $8.5B //reuters comments

TikTok's co-founder to step down as chief executive //bbc comments

Senate Preparing $10B Bailout Fund for Jeff Bezos Space Firm //theintercept comments

Online video platform Vimeo plunges on Nasdaq debut following spin-off //channelnewsasia comments


Freesound just reached 500K Creative Commons sounds //freesound comments

I open sourced a game I just released on Steam, written in Lua //github comments

DOOM Captcha //github comments

Past and Future Turtles: The Evolution of the Logo Programming Language //turtlespaces comments