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Mandrill is a powerful, affordable email infrastructure service trusted by more than 250,000 customers. Our easy setup will have you sending in minutes, and our detailed analytics offer all the insight you need to measure your performance.


First-Person Hyper-lapse Videos
//microsoft comments

Edward Snowden: The Untold Story
//wired comments

X to close
//medium comments

Storemapper: Bootstrapped to $50k/year in 2 years
//tylertringas comments

Let's compile Wolfenstein 3D like its 1992
//fabiensanglard comments

Awesome Screenshot URL tracking and niki-bot
//mig5 comments

Email Is Still the Best Thing on the Internet
//theatlantic comments

Stop Building Products Nobody Wants – How to Validate Your Business Idea
//hatchery comments

CD Baby, a Company for the Niche Musician
//nytimes comments

#Ask HN

Who isn't in the software industry/not a hacker? //ycombinator

What info do you web scrape for? //ycombinator

#Show HN

Polaroid Cube //polaroid comments

Stressed and burned out, so I created 1st app – Remember Win //rememberwinapp comments

Improve your Chess: Codecademy for Chess //chesscademy comments

Guacamole – HTML5 Clientless Remote Desktop //guac-dev comments

Amazon Local Register //amazon comments

AngularJS + Bootstrap Responsive Dashboard //github comments – Meeting Minutes Made Useful //opp comments

Self-hosted project management application //92fiveapp comments

Startuplister – A startup directory listing service //startuplister comments


What happens if you write a TCP stack in Python? //jvns comments

Pythonpy – the swiss army knife of the command line //github comments

Painting in Clojure //tombooth comments

Toga: A Python native, OS native GUI toolkit //pybee comments

Roda – A new ruby web framework //jeremyevans comments


Open Source Email Templates //sendwithus comments

Transactional HTML Email Templates //mailgun comments

Marka: Icon transformations //fian comments


Sweden Solar System //wikipedia comments

Doomsday rule: calculate the day for any date //wikipedia comments


Reverse Engineering for Beginners //beginners comments

Python Practice Book //anandology comments

Almost perfect: the rise and fall of WordPerfect Corporation (1993) //wordplace comments

Computational Introduction to number theory algebra //shoup comments

Traffic Signal Timing Manual: Traffic Signal Design //dot comments

The U.S. Digital Services Playbook //github comments


Lightspeed – A Browser Experiment //mozilla comments

The Inner Guts of Bitbucket //bitbucket comments

Interactive Design and Optimization of Model Airplanes //youtube comments


They're Made out of Meat? //terrybisson comments

Matasano Security Crypto Challenges //cryptopals comments

How I built an audio book reader for my nearly blind grandfather //github comments

I'm building my very own, original Game for the Nintendo GameBoy //github comments