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Thursday's Episode: Perplexed in the Pursuit of Love

Dear <<First Name>>,

Today's episode is going to be a short one, just like the book in discussion: Girls, Pearls and Monty Bodkin by P. G. Wodehouse. Wodehouse has been a favourite forever, and if you know me personally or through my blog, you'd know how I love that subtle humour.

This one is one  of his best comic works, and it follows Monty Bodkin and his misadventures as he tries to woo Gertrude Butterwick, an international hockey player, which is sidetracked by the arrival of his redoubtable wife and step-daughter. To add to the fun, Wodehouse throws in a hilariously pathetic detective, and a string of missing pearls. Can Monty get his love?

Talking of love, the misadventures in the pursuit of love is a typical Wodehouse entertainer. Love is a heavily used theme by Wodehouse, where he hides the innumerable other characters, strings them together in confusing ways, and presents to the reader a boisterously merry potpourri for a plot.
With nothing much to talk about the story, let's talk something interesting about when the book was written. This one was written by Wodehouse as a celebration of his ninety-first birthday. This is neither the first, nor the only Bodkins novel. Wodehouse had written the first novel featuring Bodkins in The Luck of the Bodkins in 1935. And, thanks to a beautiful birthday celebration 37 years later, we got another Bodkins novel.

Though the stories were written almost four decades apart, Pearls, Girls and Monty Bodkin is a true sequel as it gets back to the readers right where it left them 37 years ago: with the arrival of Monty Bodkins from Hollywood.
Wodehouse is a brilliant story-teller, making you laugh from the bottom of your heart. Every line has a witty tone. And, it's the kind of humour that sets a high standard of benchmark. I am going to stop right here, and not break into my familiar monologue extolling my admiration for Wodehouse. That has been done several, several times and if you really want to see my unceasing love for Wodehouse, then read it in my blog. And, we wrap up today's episode with that.

What to look forward to? I think it's time for a thriller, and so we have The Dark Crusader from the master of action and suspense, Alistair MacLean, this Sunday.
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