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November Issue!

Innovation and Pilates

Joan Breibart

Joe Pilates was an innovator -- this goes without saying. Innovators constitute a small
group -- estimated at 1 person in 40 or only 2.5% of the population. Where do the other 39
people fit? To read the rest of this article click here!

Technology and Your Body

Joan Breibart

First we see an epidemic of issues associated with the upper body: 90% of the population has some degree of Forward Head. Fortunately, we now have HeadFloater to deal with the tightness and tension resulting from
non-stop Texting, Typing, and Talking. And recently, the media is all over another obvious cause of dysfunction: sitting for hours and hours. 
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New Certification Studios

New York
Almost every certification program has its own Bridge program now- although not Romana's Pilates where I received my training. Predictably, the PhysicalMind Institute doesn't run with the crowd…
-Allison Black, LivingProof

I love how PhysicalMind is always ahead by introducing new and innovative equipment. I've loved the MVe® Chair from the start -Jennifer Adolfs, Serenity Pilates

Rhode Island

Tye4 on the jumpboard: helps to increase mindful movement and elongation in the extremities. For beginners the Tye4 provides extra support...
-Elizabeth Keefe, Barrington Pilates

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