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Integration with SiteMinder brings the world’s fastest growing traveller market to SiteMinder-connected hotels

Dear Partner,

Following the recent integration, SiteMinder, an industry leading cloud-based channel manager, has made platform available to connect with 22,000 hotels globally., designed to target halal-conscious travellers, is a leading platform with a global reach into this untapped niche market, estimated by ThomsonReuters and Amadeus to reach $230 Billion by 2020.  

Numerous hotel brands made their platform of choice and have been able to cash in on the platform’s state-of-the-art booking engine, with its ‘Halal-friendliness Filters’, ‘Precise Family Pricing’ and ‘Room Suitability’ guarantee features. The platform has been designed to balance flexibility with niche targeting, therefore allowing virtually any accommodation provider from any part of the world to offer a blend of features capable of attracting and converting platform users.  

The partnerships with global leading channel management partners is part of’s growth strategy in “City Hotels” category.  

Enver Cebi
Chief Operating Officer

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