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October 2016


October is Cyber Security Awareness Month! For many years now, colleges and universities across North America have promoted the Cyber Security Awareness Month each October as part of a collaborative effort to ensure everyone has the resources they need to stay safe online.

Information Technology Services has joined forces with I&ITS from UTSC and UTM this year to collaborate on a tri-campus wide campaign to help spread the message that Information Security Is Everyone’s Responsibility!

The campaign will be split into four (4) weekly themes as follows:

  1. Online & Offline Safety Week (October 3 – 7)
  2. Mobile & Device Security Week (October 10 – 14)
  3. Password Week (October 17 – 21)
  4. Phishing Awareness Week (October 24 – 31)


We hope you will join us by helping us raise awareness about this important initiative. If you would like to host a banner in October in your space or discuss further ways to be involved, please get in touch with our team anytime during October!

Other ways to be involved:

Email Signature tag lines – View the list of available email signature tag lines you can include in your email signature during October to help us raise awareness

Share our posts! Follow @ITSUofT on Twitter and Facebook and share our posts during the month of October!

Did you know?

IT Staff Directory

Did you know that ITS maintains a Directory for Central and Divisional IT contacts? The Directory is available at

Help us keep this directory current! Send us updates & additions for the available contacts.

Vendor Directory - Coming Soon!

ITS is working on publishing a directory for IT vendors operating on all three campuses and their dedicated representatives. The goal of the directory is to help IT staff quickly find verified current contacts when dealing with existing vendors.

Stay tuned for the release of the directory and get in touch with us if you would like to contribute verified vendor contacts. 
ITS Committees

Upcoming Meeting Dates:

Tuesday, October 18th
Process & Technology Committee

Wednesday, November 2nd
Priorities & Accountability Committee


We are pleased to announce that TechKnowFile will be hosted at University of Toronto Scarborough on April 26 & 27, 2017. Co-Chaired by Zoran Piljevic, Director, I&ITS, UTSC and Marden Paul, Director, PGAC, ITS, TechKnowFile 2017 will deliver an engaging program consisting of showcase presentations, professional development tutorials, and panel discussions. In addition to the usual programming, TKF is partnering with UTSC to promote the Healthy Campus Initiative with friendly TKF athletic competitions! STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS!

Transportation to UTSC will be provided from UTM and Downtown campuses for added convenience.

We look forward to welcoming you to UTSC and TKF17! 


Did you go over your mobile data again?

Does this sound familiar? You are going away on a work trip or vacation, you get a roaming plan for your corporate phone for data access when not on a WiFi connection. You planned ahead, job well done! As your trip progresses you get a funny video or a song from a colleague, or your kids send you a "we miss you" video, or you decide to video chat with family or office. No big deal, you have data!

What happens next? SURPRISE! Your mobile phone bill comes in a month later with an astronomical amount due attached to it!

So how do you avoid the infamous data overage charges? You can become familiar with how online content and data usage relate so you can become a data usage pro! 

The Basics:

Downloading and Uploading: Downloading & uploading files uses the same amount of data as the size of the file. 

Streaming: Streaming content can be different from downloading as certain content providers do what is called “progressive downloading”, this mean that the content is downloaded in parts as the user consumes it; however, this depends on the online content provider. Generally it is safe to assume that streaming uses the same amount as downloading or uploading (file size = data usage)

Quality matters: The quality of the streaming service or file you are viewing matters because the higher the quality the higher your data usage will be. If you need to conserve data, it is always the best practice to lower the quality of the video, or check the quality of the file you are streaming so you can estimate how much data you will use.

Not All Video Chat Platforms Are Equal: The amount of data used during a video chat depends on the platform you are using, whether it is Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts, they don’t calculate your usage the same way.

Roaming Costs More: If you happened to not get a roaming data package, most providers will charge a premium price for any data used outside of your allowed data usage area. We always recommend obtaining a data roaming plan when travelling. 

Data Conversion: 1 GB (gigabytes) of data is equivalent to 1,000 MB (megabytes)

Average Data Plan: Most users have anywhere between 500 MB - 3GB of data as part of their monthly plan. Roaming packages generally provide minimum amounts of data for the lowest package price. 

*Common examples of data usage:

Email Attachments: 10 emails = 30MB
Songs: Uploading or Downloading 25 Songs = 145 MB
Web Page Visits: 250 Web Page Visits = 250 MB
Streaming Audio: 5 hours of streaming = 700 MB
Streaming Standard Defintion Video: 1 hour = 1 GB
Streaming High Quality Video: 1 hour = 2.5 GB
FaceTime or Skype: 10 minute video call = 30 MB
Google Hangouts: 10 minutes video call = 150 MB

Common Online Content Providers & Average Data Use:

Netflix: 1 GB of data / hour of standard definition (3 GB/hr for HD)
YouTube: 2.5 - 6 MB / minute
Music Streaming: 140 MB / hour

*The numbers provided are averages meant to help estimate data usage

It's not too late to get involved!

You still have a chance to participate in HANDS-ON TESTING of the suppliers' test environments

We have completed the first round of live presentations for the Learning Management Engine community engagement. You can view the presentation videos on the project website.

You are now invited to participate in HANDS-ON TESTING of the suppliers’ test environments. If you have already registered to attend one of the live presentations, you can immediately begin testing. If you haven’t yet registered, please click HERE to register and get access to the supplier testing environment. Once you have registered, you will be provided with USERIDs and passwords to log in to one or all of the test environments, based on the role(s) you want to test in their environment.

Detailed instructions will be provided upon registration. 

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