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September 2016

U of T Academic Toolbox Renewal Initiative
You are invited to participate in HANDS-ON TESTING of the suppliers' test environments

We have completed the first round of live presentations for the Learning Management Engine community engagement. You can view the presentation videos on the project website.

You are now invited to participate in HANDS-ON TESTING of the suppliers’ test environments. If you have already registered to attend one of the live presentations, you can immediately begin testing. If you haven’t yet registered, please click HERE to register and get access to the supplier testing environment. Once you have registered, you will be provided with USERIDs and passwords to log in to one or all of the test environments, based on the role(s) you want to test in their environment.

Detailed instructions will be provided upon registration. 

LME Drop-In Schedule for September & October
In a memo to PDAD&C (#10) re: Information Security Council and the implementation of the Policy on Information Security and the Protection of Digital Assets,
Scott Mabury, Vice-President, University Operations has issued a Call for Nominations of faculty and administrative staff to serve on the Information Security Council. In order to enhance the quality of the Council’s output, we would ask that nominations include brief descriptions of a candidate’s relevant experience and knowledge as they would directly relate to membership on the Council.

Confidential nominations should be submitted by Friday, October 7
See the Memo & Nomination Instructions
Did you know?

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month

To raise awareness about online security in October, ITS is partnering with I&ITS in UTM and UTSC for a month long Cyber Security Awareness Campaign. The online campaign will include daily tips and weekly education resources on how to better protect your online presence. Stay tuned!

Join us in October by retweeting and sharing the resources! U of T #CyberAware

TechKnowFIle 2017

We are pleased to announce that TechKnowFile 2017 will be hosted at UTSC and Co-Chaired by Zoran Piljevic and Marden Paul.  Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

Project Status Updates via PMO site

Stay informed on current ITS initiatives via the Projects Dashboard made available by ITS' Project Management Office (PMO). 
ITS Committees

Upcoming Meeting Dates:

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016
ITS Leaders Forum

In the News

CUCCIO Fast-Five: IT News

Simon Fraser U receives $8.35M to build a data storage hub at its Burnaby campus.


7 Things You Should Know About IT Accessibility

IT accessibility is the 
ongoing process by
which an organization 
ensures its current and future IT 
can be used effectively by everyone,
including individuals with disabilities.

We are pleased to share with the community the ITS Award Recipients of the Annual Vice-President, University Operations Awards, announced at the 2nd AnnualVPUO Than-Q BBQ on Wednesday, August 17, 2016.

Outstanding Individual Employee Award

Presented to an individual staff member (regardless of length of service) involved in any area of staff work who has made outstanding contributions that go beyond the ordinary fulfillment of the position’s duties.

Mike Clark, User Experience Designer, EASI/NGSIS, ITS
Christine Beckermann, Business Intelligence Officer, EASI, ITS
Will Heikoop, Online Learning Strategies, ITS

Distinguished Service Award

Presented to an employee with more than 15 years of service at the University who has made outstanding contributions that go beyond the ordinary fulfillment of the position’s duties.

Patrick Boal, Information Technology Specialist, EASI, ITS

Outstanding Staff Team Award

Presented to two or more staff members who function as a team and who have taken on a time-limited project.
Convocation E-Ticketing project
Gaye Wignall, Hossein Aliabadi, Marilee Keogh, Julia Huycke, David Yin, Terry Jones, Walter Ni

SAP infrastructure project
Marilee Keogh, Kun Chai, Paul Littlefield, Bruce Hoppe, Danny Mak, Joe Bate, John Calvin, Santino Ardizzi

These awards attest to the exemplary role that ITS plays in supporting the strategic goals of the VPUO portfolio and the University at large.



Keep Your Desktop and Hard Drive Free of Clutter

If your desktop looks like a tabletop with scattered puzzle pieces everywhere, then it’s time to clean things up a bit. Not only does a cluttered desktop make things harder to find, which impacts your productivity, but it can significantly slow down your computer.

We recommend to always keep a tidy and clean desktop by organizing things into appropriately labeled folders on your hard drive.  Delete files you do not need, or old versions of documents which are no longer relevant. This will make things easy to find leaving you with a lot more time to dedicate to productive tasks. Once you’ve organized your desktop, transfer the same method to your physical files. The easier it is to find what you’re looking for, the less time you’ll spend frustrated waiting for your computer to start or looking for files.

Pro-tip: Schedule one hour a month in your calendar to organize any files lingering on your desktop into appropriate folders.

The Student Information Systems for Staff (SIS) website has been redesigned to provide staff with easier and more effective ways to stay informed about student information systems, services and solutions.

The website is now easier to scan, read and navigate. It is also responsive, and it has been optimized to work well across smart phones, tablets and desktops.

You are encouraged to explore and familiarize yourself with the new design. Content will be constantly updated with helpful information, articles, and announcements.

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