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It's Gavin Seim here and it's nearly Thanksgiving. Now I don't know about Friday being black, but we've made up a very special Thanksgiving deal for you - We're also about ready to release the stunning new film, PHOTOGRAPHICS just in time for Christmas. Lets take a peek. Also stay tuned for an extra special bonus this weekend.

The Thanksgiving Sale

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Lets keep it simple. We're having the largest sale of the year this week. Then it's over - Use code THANKSGIVING and save 32% on EVERYTHING we sell at Seim Effects.

That includes video collections like EXposed and Retouching Magic Presets like Power Workflow 4 for LR and LightFlow for Aperture. Actions like Hollywood Effects 2 for Photoshop and tools like Naked Elements textures. You can even save on a pre-order for the stunning new PHOTOGRAPHICS film that's coming in just a few weeks.

Head over to and use promo code THANKSGIVING. But it's only good through Monday, Dec 2nd.
A NEW pack of FREE Lightroom Presets!

We have a special goody for you this Thanksgiving. We've posted a sampled pack with 9 FREE presets from Power Workflow 4. If you don't yet own PW4 this is a great way to get started. This is not a case of "let's give them the bad ones for free." In fact, this free pack includes some of my favorite presets from Power Workflow 4.

-- Quote Of The Week ---

“ Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop." – Ansel Adams

Sweet Little Tidbits.

Here are those final morsels to make your day a bit more interesting.

- Autumn's Secret - Check out Gavin's new article about this back country image of Zion National Park.

- Only tenuously related to photography, but fascinating for us history buffs: The Spy Who Loved Nothing.

- A series of stunning snowflake Macros that Alexey Kljatov made using a modified $50 point and shoot. impressive.
This Volvo truck ad is getting attention. Take a look, presentation is exquisite. Take a look at that light! Beautiful!
This news anchor from Denver has some concept of art vs boring snapshots. A fun clip to end the day on if nothing else.
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