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From Bundy Ranch to Bold Liberty: 2014 is a year America will never forget. The i594 I Will NOT Comply rally went perfectly. We refused to apply for a permit from the State to gather and we stood. 12/13/14 dawned cold and foggy in Olympia, but history was made.

As light rose behind the mist, thousands of patriots emerged from the fog onto the green carrying flags, guns and courage. They carried their pride, their hope and their children in their arms. They came to stand in defiance of tyranny. It was the day the ice of tyranny cracked in America and it was so beautiful. Read my personal thoughts on it here.

YES, thousands of armed patriots really NULLIFIED 594! Read about that here. You can also watch the full videos of the rally here. The message is spreading fast and we need to keep bold liberty on the move. I for one will keep doing what I can.

Signing the Declaration of Affirmation on 12/13/14. What a thing to behold.

You can still get shirts for the next few days. The original I Will Not Comply version and the Gun Running Patriot Shirt. You can also get I Will Not Comply stickers and signs on my site.

What's next?  Things are moving fast. Last weekend was another rally in Spokane in defiance of i594. This goes way beyond guns. Later in the day hundreds gathered on protest of the growing police militarization and lawless behavior. We must spread the message and accept nothing less that strict obedience to the law of liberty.

Spokane County is fraught with corruption and represents what's happening all over America. A few weeks ago Anthony Bosworth and I got to see it first hand as we both took on the issues of unmarked car abuses and lawless behavior in Spokane. Watch the video here. The message continues and all comes back to the same foundation, liberty!

Our newest patriot has arrived. More here.

We won some big battles this year, but the war is not over. We have much work to do, so we keep kneeling, we keep standing and we keep working to restore liberty.

Here's to 2015. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. -- Gav
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