Bus Advertising at Image Management

by Administrator Kevin Weslaski

To ensure that our team of skilled graphic designers didn’t lose their edge, I decided to issue the gang a fun little challenge: to design an eye-catching bus advertisement that would grace one lucky vehicle on the Belle City Transit System (The Bus). Each ad needed to include our company’s logo, tagline, website address and a photo of Chad Arents, Image Management’s website design representative and all-around “go-to” guy.

Hoping to give the crew a little incentive, I announced that the person who created the best ad would win an all-expenses-paid dinner at the restaurant of their choice with none other than Mr. Chad Arents. With their eyes on the prize, our team set to work and utilized their graphic design skills to whip up seven attention-grabbing bus advertisements. While we here at the office have a soft spot for the ads created by Josh, Heather and Dustin, it’s impossible to overlook Victoria, Derek, Stephanie and Kellie’s impressive work. Which one is your favorite?

Graphic Designer Derek Kilps

Graphic Designer Dustin Brown

Graphic Designer Heather Knudson

Webmaster Josh Mejia

Graphic Designer Kellie Malsch

Graphic Designer Victoria Doneva

Graphic Designer Stephanie Hazen


After seeing all seven ads, I came to an important realization: “Seven buses are better than one.” So, instead of plastering our company’s info and Chad’s striking visage on just one city bus, we’ve decided to use all seven advertisements! As a result, our entire design team won a fun-filled night out with party animal extraordinaire Chad Arents. Most importantly, we have seven city bus ads spreading our "Masters of the Website" message throughout the Racine metro area.

If you’re interested in having our talented designers create a bus advertisement for your business, pay a visit to our City Bus Advertising page. This is a great way to generate word-of-mouth buzz for both fledgling and firmly established businesses and organizations. And don’t forget – bus routes change daily, so your ad will be seen by people all around town.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Image Management. We hope your 2012 is healthy and prosperous.

Everyday Life with
   Graphic Design

by Designer Heather Knudson

Graphic design is everywhere in our society. It is an art form perfectly adapted to modern life. Advertisements influence our decision-making. Children's books educate and entertain young minds. Websites fulfill any number of purposes. Vast amounts of visual information bombard us everyday. Successful graphic design interprets this endless blur of noise into meaningful ideas and impressions.

Graphic designers debate everything when they start a project. Even seemingly mundane choices affect understanding. Consider the number of stories, newspapers, magazines and textbooks read everyday. Careful use of typeface (font), size, spacing and color enhances readability. A designed layout correlates graphical elements like charts and images to descriptive text in a way that is sensible to the reader. This invites exploration of the topic and successfully conveys facts or ideas. This relationship is particularly vivid in a child's development, as they recognize shapes, colors and objects first before relating concepts to language.

Design affects more than just traditional reading materials. Technology has created a society that is surrounded by graphic design. The right blend of colors, images and clear navigation adds punch to that critical first impression, be it at a website or online advertisement, in an e-mail, or on a mobile application. For instance, a website is a product and that product needs to sell itself before it can begin to sell other products or services. Companies rely on branding to create a corporate identity, build awareness and earn customer loyalty. This adds value to both sides of a purchase. Relevant branding is so critical that companies often invest millions of dollars to recreate their image. This not only entails redesigning logos, slogans and designs, but also requires extensive marketing efforts to the public. The positive influence of professional graphic design can be that valuable and powerful.

In short, graphic design is an art form that transforms information into inspiration, entertainment, persuasion and learning. It is a powerful tool of modern language. Stop and consider how much graphic design affects your own life. Is it an effective channel for communication? Is the message clear or is it being buried beneath too much design? What stands out as excellent and what could be improved? How much does the package design or label contribute to the purchase of an item? As we can see, graphic design is amazing in its ability to influence our everyday life.

Internet Soap
     or SOPA?

by Web Programmer
Richard S. Joswick

Recent actions by Congress raise the specter of an entirely different Internet. These actions take the form of the Senate's stalled Protect IP Act and the House's own version, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Time to roll up the sleeves and get dirty – there are a lot of things out there more pleasant than politics to write on but this topic affects just about everything. Here goes.

The stated goal of both bills is to protect U.S. Copyright holders from websites devoted to online piracy, particularly those located in foreign countries. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), AFL-CIO, U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Nike are just a few of the supporters. Pharmaceutical companies also support the bill as they see foreign, generic brands advertised online as a risk to public health (or profit).

Opposition comes from a collection of software and Internet corporations, and human rights groups from Google, Yahoo!, Facebook and the Wikimedia Foundation, to the ACLU and Human Rights Watch. The creation of a country-wide firewall, they point out, is a tool currently employed by only three other countries: China, Syria and Iran. Discussion of the law commenced without consideration of existing Internet security protocols developed by the Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC), and warnings from national cyber security experts about the risks of tinkering with the backbone of the Internet have so far gone unheeded.

SOPA sponsor, Lamar Smith [R-TX] has stated a desire to reconcile his bill with the Senate version and then seek final passage by the end of the year.

In the event that this new reality takes shape, website owners can protect themselves by following a few guidelines.

Under the proposed law, the operator of a website becomes responsible for all content on the site or to which they link directly. This makes any website that takes user feedback, such as comments or full video uploads, particularly vulnerable. Submissions, therefore, must be carefully moderated. Installation of a Captcha system can protect against automatic spam-bot posts. In a worst case scenario, a single comment advertising cheap, foreign medicine on your blog could result in your website being taken down and a pending lawsuit. The bill is so vaguely worded that this possibility exists, even though only in the hypothetical. It is easy to see why opposition has grown quickly.

While you could just have your website exist in a bubble, that isn't really what the Internet is about. For more information, a good place to start is this article on c|net, “How SOPA would affect you: FAQ.”

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