An all-new MailChimp is coming June 17

We have a motto that hangs on the wall here at MailChimp: Listen Hard, Change Fast. We've been listening to you. We've spent countless hours visiting our customers and learning about how you work, and we've used that research to create a new and improved version of MailChimp. It's more efficient, more flexible, and makes for a more collaborative experience. We'll begin rolling it out on Monday, June 17, and we think you're going to love it.

We're excited to share it with you, but we know that change can be hard. Here's what to expect from New MailChimp:

Responsive design

We're introducing a responsive design that's been optimized for tablets, so you can get your work done from wherever you are.

Simplified navigation and subscriber profiles

Account notifications are now displayed in the navigation, so you won't miss out on any important info about your campaigns. Switch to Pro mode to simplify the layout, or collapse and expand menus on the iPhone to create more space when you need it. Search for subscriber details, campaigns, lists, and reports from anywhere in the app. We also made some big improvements to the layout and functionality of subscriber profiles. You can scroll horizontally to reveal all your fields and hide columns you don't need to see, leaving more room for the content that matters.

Comments inside the editor

We talked to a lot of our customers and learned that for most of you, email newsletters are a group effort. New MailChimp makes it easier for teams to collaborate. You can exchange feedback right inside the editor, view comments in real time, and respond whenever you're ready.
Check out our "New MailChimp" blog series to watch some video previews, read about our process, and learn more about what motivated us to redesign the app in the first place.

Starting next week, we'll prompt you to try New MailChimp when you log in to your account. It will be optional until July 15, so you can make the switch on your own terms. Like our normal updates, it will take a few days to become available for all users.

We hope you like what you see. And thanks for using MailChimp.

-The MailChimp team
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