MailChimp v7.2 - Mobile templates, mobile testing, and Mandrill

15 New Mobile-Friendly Email Templates, Mobile Testing, and Mandrill

Heads-up: the next time you log in to MailChimp, you'll find all kinds of new mobile goodness. We've got new mobile friendly email templates, a new mobile styles editor, a nifty new mobile pop-up preview and testing tools, a new Instapaper merge tag, and more. 

A full write up is on the MailChimp blog, as well as a quick video:
Mobile features in MailChimp

Why all this mobile talk? Smartphones are outselling PCs. We're all walking around with computers in our pockets. This changes the way your subscribers consume email.


Yeah, we know. Sounds far-fetched and over dramatic. It took us some convincing, too. So we did some research of our own, which you can download for free:
Research: Email on Mobile

Goodbye MailChimp STS, Hello Mandrill

If you're using MailChimp STS, (the transactional email system we built in top of Amazon's SES) we have some bad news and we have some really great news. The bad news is that we'll be ending our support for STS at the end of September (don't worry, we'll send reminders). Why?

Because we've officially launched Mandrill, our new transactional email app that's running on the MailChimp infrastructure. For those who don't know, transactional email (aka "triggered email") is usually an automated, one-to-one email sent from an app. Some common examples include password reminders, shopping cart email receipts, and personalized email notifications from apps like Twitter. 

Most people send transactional email all by themselves, and when their servers are set up correctly, they can achieve really high delivery rates (37signals wrote about how they do it).  

But there's more to transactional email than deliverability.
Mandrill makes it unbelievably easy to track performance of your transactional email. And when you're tracking your results, you can improve your results. Here's a blog post about improving sales from your transactional emails from Amro, who's been dogfooding Mandrill for the last few weeks. And be sure to check out, our spiffy new website: is live

Mandrill's a whole new department we've created inside of MailChimp. We're committed to this in a big way, and there's already a little ecosystem forming around Mandrill. We've got a plugin for Wordpress, and integrations with JoomlaDrupal, and Magento, with more on the way. 

What's coming in v7.3

In our next release, we're adding more security enhancements (here's a list of MailChimp's current security features), along with some nice tweaks to make our campaign archives less cluttered, more mobile friendly, and easier to share. 


The MailChimp (and Mandrill) Team

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