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On Purpose

The term 'intentionality' is bandied about so much these days, one could be forgiven for thinking it's something it's not.

It's not a spiritual belief, or a guarantee that if you want something, you'll get it. Intentionality is not manifesting something by simply thinking really hard about it. Intentionality, at its core, is about doing things intentionally. Or said another way, doing things on purpose.

Put into practice, this could mean that you eat things on purpose, rather than eating without considering what you're doing. Folks who are vegetarian tend to eat with intention because they have self-imposed dietary restrictions that force them to think before they consume.

One needn't have such restrictions to eat on purpose, however; simply asking yourself why you're eating what you're eating can be enough to benefit from the practice. Catching yourself mid-pizza, for example, when you know you'll feel bad about it later, may help lead to better eating habits over time. Asking yourself why you want what you want beforehand is even more impactful.

Living your entire life on purpose works very much the same way. Rather than following routines and reflexes, and doing what seems to make sense without thinking it through, you question what you're doing. You ask, "Why?" Why are you taking that route to work? Why did you criticize your significant other in that way? Why aren't you pursuing X instead of Y?

So instead of mindlessly cycling through social networks, you ask yourself, "Why am I doing this?" If the answer is something oriented toward your goals, then you'll be able to scan those networks even more enthusiastically, knowing your headed in the right direction. If you're doing it because you're bored or just spacing out, asking "why?" helps you catch yourself, so you can reorient toward actions that will be a better use of your time and attention.

People who live 'on purpose' also tend to have more purpose — causes and goals and passions — in their lives. Because they're aware of what they're doing, what they're putting into their bodies, how they feel, and myriad other 'why's that some people ignore, such people have more time, energy, and resources to invest in the things they believe in, like their stamp collection. Or helping the homeless. Or practicing their writing skills.

'Intentionality,' then, is less about willing something into existence than asking questions and taking steps which will allow us to manifest — through our actions — the world we want to see. And doing so on purpose.


I've been working on my new book for quite a while now, and I'm super-thrilled to announce that it's now available for pre-order, with a release date of November 1.

I'm also excited to unveil how you can be involved with the launch, if you're interested in taking part.

Considerations is a book about perspectives and asking ourselves difficult questions in an effort to become better versions of ourselves. Here's the summary:

Few of us take the time to consider. We act according to data acquired by viewing the world from a single perspective: our own. As a result, we don’t always think to ask certain questions that, when answered, may benefit us greatly. We don’t do important things because we never think them worth doing. We don’t assess unfamiliar facets of life, even though such scrutiny might change everything about how we live.

A well-curated collection of perspectives is one of the most valuable assets a person can possess, and the ability to filter those perspectives — to figure out which of them has value for us as individuals, and which are not relevant to our unique beliefs and goals — is vital.

Considerations is about asking questions, attaining new perspectives, figuring out what you believe, and determining how these beliefs can help guide your actions. The book is formatted as a series of over fifty short essays which are intended to spark ideas, questions, and thoughtfulness in those who read them.

The book is about 140 pages long, and in line with my coffee pricing policy, costs only $2.99.


There are a few ways you can be involved with the launch of Considerations, should you wish to be.

You could help promote the pre-sale page. The book will go on sale November 1, and pre-sales will allow folks to buy the copy now, and receive their book the moment it's released.

I'll also be providing those who pre-order the book free access to a 30-day email class I'll be launching in November: a month-long collection of thought experiments and ideas that I've been working on, which address similar topics as Considerations, but from a different angle.

If you have a blog, mailing list, or social media presence to leverage, I'd be happy to send you a review copy of the book, if you're willing to help spread the word. What I discovered during the alpha reader phase of this book is that most people who read it find certain sentences, paragraphs, or even chapters that really resonate with them.

I'd love for those who read Considerations early to share their own favorite portions on their blog, social network, etc. In this way, folks can get a real taste for what the book's about, and see which parts others are enjoying, as well. I'll be linking to these excerpted sections (in newsletters, my blog, and on social media) leading up to the launch.

If you're interested giving it a read and helping promote, shoot me an email.

I'm so crazy excited about this launch, and incredibly happy with how the book has turned out. There are a lot of ideas in it that I want to see discussed, and a lot of concepts presented within that I think will be helpful and challenging to those who read them.

If you have other ideas about how I might spread the word, too, I'd love to hear them!

New & Upcoming

I'm trying to put in time promoting of Considerations, as mentioned above, but I haven't stopped writing. I'm a little over halfway through a novel about simulated universes called Puncture Up, and have mapped out a second edition of my non-standard entrepreneurship book, Start a Freedom Business.

All ten books in my A Tale of More series are now available, and the feedback I've been getting from those who've read it all the way through has been incredibly gratifying. It's wonderful when readers enjoy your work as much as you enjoyed writing it. You can pick up the first book for just $.99, if you're interested.

I've also recently revamped the look-and-feel of Exile Lifestyle, and am finishing up a new version of the Asymmetrical Press website, which will be glorious and back online next week.


I've been taking a walk down memory lane on Instagram, showing a lot of photos from my years on the road, including the one above which was taken from my flat when I lived in Kolkata, India.

I have less than two weeks left here in Prague, and it's going to be difficult to leave. I'm looking forward to next steps, though, which will include my little brother's wedding in Missouri, then hopping around the US until the end of the year when I'll spend the holidays with my family in Seattle. In between is a big question mark, but I thrive in such situations, where opportunities are just a phone call, click, or nod of the head away.

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