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Dear Friend of Youth Rebuilding New Orleans,

Thank you for another wonderful year of support! Whether you've volunteered, donated, or spread the word about our work, your support does not go unnoticed! With your help, YRNO has continued to expand rapidly to meet the needs of our community. 

Within the last eleven months, Youth Rebuilding New Orleans has:
  • Rehabilitated 4 storm-damaged and blighted homes in New Orleans and sold them to teachers at affordable price
  • Hosted more than 1500 volunteers
  • Facilitated more than 17,500 hours of volunteer work
  • Engaged more than 300 local youth in Future Leaders service-learning opportunites
  • Employed 10 local high-schoolers through a partnership with Job1 job-training and youth-development program
  • Painted 4 schools and countless classrooms
  • Gutted 20 homes damaged by Hurricane Isaac
  • Provided relief to hurricane victims, both locally and nationally
We've had quite a year, but without our volunteers, supporters, and dedicated staff none of this would have been possible.

As our growth continues, we must seek additional resources to offset the costs of services we have provided to the community. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation this year to ensure that next year we can make an even bigger impact on our community for years to come! The donation, however large or small, will go directly towards covering the costs associated with engaging and empowering youth, assisting with hurricane relief, hosting volunteers, and ensuring that YRNO has the resources it needs to providing all of these services.

If you would like to volunteer your time to YRNO please contact us or visit our website. Any help you can provide will contribute to the recovery and rebirth of the New Orleans community. We greatly appreciate it!

William Stoudt
Executive Director
Engaging Youth. Building Homes for Teachers. Stabilizing Communities.

Join the Team this Holiday Season!

New Orleans is no longer the most blighted city in America, but we still have over 35,000 blighted homes to rebuild! You can contribute to the rebirth and recovery of the city; make a small donation before the end of the year and receive a token of our appreciation!
Donate $10 and get a
personalized "Thank You" card!

Give $25+ and receive your
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Just click donate and we will take care of the rest; including shipping!

Support YRNO in the Super Service Challenge

The Brees Dream Foundation and Companies with a Mission are giving away $1,000,000 to New Orleans charities, and YOU can help YRNO earn some of that money! There are two ways to show your support:
  1. Grab some coworkers, volunteer with YRNO, and submit a video about your experience to the Super Service Challenge by January 7th. The public will have until January 18th to vote for their favorite entries. Then, $2,000-$25,000 will be given to the charities of winning teams.
  2. Vote here for teams who have already entered the Challenge on behalf of YRNO. It only takes a minute. But hurry! Voting closes January 18th!
We’d like to give a big thank you to the teams who have already registered for the Challenge on behalf of YRNO—Darton State Servant Leadership, Ernst and Young, JeffCo Open School, Rhode Island Central Church, Sci Academy, Southern Methodist Alternative Breaks, Tulane Center for Public Service, Tulane Community Service Scholars and The Illinois Conference of the United Church of Christ. We can’t thank you enough for your support!

With the winnings, YRNO will be able to rebuild more houses, empower more youth and give back to more teachers. Please click here to vote today!

Teacher Feature

Meet Sean F. Munro, an English Composition teacher at Delgado Community College. Sean is the deserving teacher who will soon be moving into YRNO's S. Olympia home! He kindly took the time out of his busy teaching schedule to tell us a little about himself:

How long have you lived in New Orleans? 
I have lived in New Orleans my entire life, except for the two years I went to graduate school in Tucson, AZ, and of course, a semester in Baton rouge after Katrina. After that storm, I attended LSU for a semester while UNO and the rest of the city was recovering, but I was back as soon as UNOs doors had opened.

Did you think about leaving the city after Katrina?
I've never considered Katrina a reason to leave New Orleans; if anything, it's a reason to come to New Orleans.

When did you first think about becoming a teacher?
I first began to seriously consider being a teacher while applying for graduate schools, which meant I was considering living below the poverty line for the next few years. Before that -- and as many high schoolers may day dream -- I considered teaching while I was a student. Some teachers are fantastic and completely can change a student's perception of a subject. I wanted to be that person. I wanted to help people, to inspire people to do something, anything positive.

What do you think about teaching now?
It is much more work than most people may realize, but I'm sure most people feel that way about their occupations too. The satisfaction of students learning the material and having small epiphanies of knowledge throughout the semester makes all the hard work worthwhile. For the most part, teaching functions on the same principle as YRNO: hard work given out by people who care can make a community better.

How do you feel about your soon-to-be new home?
I am wildly excited about my new home, although we are still in the process of closing so calling it mine is slightly inaccurate. I'm effervescent with anticipation. I visit the house quite frequently, and I assume it's much like waiting for a child to be born, though I have not experienced that yet. I've thoroughly enjoyed meeting some of the volunteers that have donated their valuable time in creating this charming duplex on South Olympia. They are all wonderful people, and I thank them for their time and sweat.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

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Are you a Teacher?

YRNO wants to help you engage and empower local young people. We know that teachers make lasting impressions on their students and we want to reward those of you making a real impact! We can make available homes at drastically reduced prices as long as you continue to work as an educator. For more information click on this link.

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