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Gratitude, Fear, Hope

Our last two Sunday Gatherings focused on creativity & spiritual practice, with the second teaching focusing on navigating seasons of difficulty, disappointment, and hardship through creative spiritual practice.

Krissy invited us into continued reflection on these three questions:

What are you grateful for?
What do you fear?
God, what do you hope for me in this season?

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New Summer Learning Journey

Resurrection changes everything.

The early Jesus communities subverted all kinds of societal norms, expectations, assumptions, and driving motivations as they allowed resurrection to fuel their lives individually and their life together.

Their posture toward politics, economy, friendship, family, wealth, safety all shifted as they centered their life around the truth of a way of life stronger than death.

This Learning Journey will explore stories of resurrection and the practices (ranging from the common to the unusual) that help us construct a life stronger than death. 
What practices of resurrection
fuel and animate our life together?

As we center our lives around Jesus,
what aims, motivations, and desires shift? 

If resurrection changes everything,
how do we enter, cultivate, and live into
a life stronger than death?

May 31 in Concord

On May 31, Justin McRoberts is hosting Scott Erickson's art/liturgy/creative "SAY YES" in Concord.

Is the Giver of my life
still with involved in my life
when it didn’t turn out
the way I hoped it would?

This is the question at the heart of Scott Erickson’s new one-man show.

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Calendar Snapshot 

May 31: Scott Erickson's "SAY YES"
June 1: Project Peace Day of Service
June 2: Sunday Gathering (w/ Justin McRoberts)
June 9: Sunday Gathering (Pirate + Salt)
July 7: Beach Day (No St. Paul's Gathering)

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