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Selah | May 10-12

SELAH is Open Door’s community-wide retreat
intentionally designed as our family vacation together.

SELAH is a rest, a pause, a breath. 

SELAH is about getting away, laughing,
eating, learning, exploring and relaxing
with friends and family from Open Door.

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Women's Connect Night

Join us on April 3!

This evening will be an opportunity for our community of women (from different neighborhoods, walks of life, churches or no churches, etc.) to gather together for hospitality, friendship, and formation. We will be meeting in Pleasant Hill at the Cheney home at 7:30 PM.

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Open Door is a community of formation and a community of storytellers. 

Here are a few story snapshots from the last few weeks and months.

Have a story to tell? Let us know!


"there's something powerful
about taking time
to ask God questions
and then waiting
and listening
for answers"

[opening invitation from the Fall Listening Circle]


"Caring for creation has
always been close to my heart
but I haven't always known how to do it. 

This Circle reinvigorated my passion for environmental stewardship, and catalyzed decisions that are helping my family
take steps in caring for the creation we love."

[reflection from the Environmental Justice Circle]
(more resources from this Circle at the OD blog)
"After experiencing the Lament stations, 
we continued the practice at home
by setting up a salt & water station
on our dining table.

When Helen would get upset at something
—missing a family member or me telling her no—we would talk about it and she would throw a little salt into the cup. I would do the same while I sat at the end of each day...mourning things that made my heart ache." 

[Leah, reflecting on the practices of lament]


this past Sunday,
we heard an Everyday Story
around the complexities and challenges
of being a high school teacher
at a local public school.

[listen in to Nick's story]
"Our recent conversations in the Gathering about how to engage with scripture in an honest way have permeated my thoughts and 
conversations throughout the week. 

Unpacking my beliefs about the Bible reveals so much about how I think God views humanity and specifically how God views me.  

Again and again I am reminded that God calls me to dig deeply into all he shares with us -
to question, to explore, to argue,
to listen, to learn, to rest."

[Kate, reflecting on recent Sunday Gatherings]


"We brought our authentic selves to the table,
learned from each other & the Scriptures,
prayed for each other’s hurts and victories, &
experienced a sacred space every Wednesday."

[Caitlyn, reflecting on the Women's Circle]


Calendar Snapshot 

Mar 30: The Meditation Project
Mar 30: Fourth Sunday of Lent

Apr 03: Women's Connect
Apr 19: Good Friday Tables
Apr 21: Easter [Sunrise & Sunset]

May 10-12: Selah Retreat

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