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This past Sunday, we began our fall journey through the letter to the Colossian church with an evening of song and Scripture. We listened together to the letter from start to end, with an invitation to pay attention to what rises up for us from the letter - things that intrigue us, frustrate us, provoke curiosity, and stir hope and imagination. 

In a universe filled with competing stories, forces, and ideologies, this letter speaks to the pervasive gravity of Christ - the source of all and the force that holds all things together - and the overwhelming grace of God - the hope of glory in our very being.

Join us in the coming weeks as we explore Colossians' invitation into gravity and grace through story, song, scripture, art, and conversation!

An Open Door Kids Update

Since this summer, we've been in a search for the right person to champion Open Door Kids on our staff team. In this transition season, so many of you have stepped up to serve, help, pray, lead, give and guide aspects of the formation of our kids. The formation of our kids is one of our most critical callings; THANK YOU to all of you who stepped up in this season!

After a thorough and prayer-filled search, we are wrapping up our hiring process and are excited, this coming week, to introduce you to our new Director of Kids and Family Formation! We'll say a bit more on Sunday, but join us in celebrating God's guidance and faithfulness in this process and the season ahead!

Join a Fall Circle!

Circles are Open Door's mid-week spaces cultivating connection and formation. From family-friendly outdoor adventures, contemplative practice, engaging the scriptures, and entering into practice around housing and immigration, our Fall Circles are convening around pressing questions and experimental practice in order to form us to follow Jesus in the world. 

This Fall, we're offering a Circle each week and we invite you to join one or two!

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Calendar Snapshot 

October 13: Family Adventure (Santa Cruz)
October 23: Thrive in Early-stage Parenting
November 1: Open Door (re)orient
November 3: Family Wonder Walk (Tilden)
November 8: Creative Spiritual Listening

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Join a team! Lend a hand!

in one of the following opportunities
  • Sound & Tech Team
  • Gathering Hospitality
  • School Investment Champions
  • Prayer Team
  • Everyday Storytellers
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Everyday Stories

These stories are part of our series exploring Who are we? What are we doing here?  
Join in & share your story HERE!

My name is Shauna. I live in Walnut Creek..
My work involves working with active duty service members, veterans, and their families to prevent suicide and take care of those who have been impacted by suicide loss.
For fun, I like to work on a book I’m writing about shame, courage and love.
One question I'm asking about myself or the world is: What will it take to move a nation to care about our war fighters any deep authentic way that require something of them as opposed to just thanking them for their service?


My name is Matt. I live in Walnut Creek..
My work involves being a fire fighter/paramedic in Berkeley. 
For fun, I like to Surf, Run, Bike, Hike and spend time with my family
One question I'm asking about myself or the world is: What does it look like to embody effective Christ following leadership in a secular world?
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