#innerG xChange (JUNE)

New Moon. New Season. New Flow. 

Is it a contradiction... or balance? We live and we learn.  ; ) 

Hey Friend! Remember me? 

Its been more than a month since our last innerG xChange, and I definitely missed you. I also know that my time away was priceless. So how can I LOVE such a contradiction?  

Because I am accepting (more of life's) contradictions as balance. There are times when 'doing the opposite' is the BEST and ONLY viable solution. I see contradictions as key ingredients in life's recipe. If I/we can be more supportive of the human experience, I/we get soo much more out of it. 

And before you write me off... I am not encouraging a path of exemption or irresponsibility. This is not an effort to enable or deny anything. Its a deliberate opportunity to find 'center', the divine message or core meaning in it all. Sometimes the only way to find that is on the opposite side of where you are. 

At ROOTED: Spring, we learned all about the "pent-up energy" (read: growing pains + pressure) we hold and move through, and how much impact it has. Shout out to the trees who remind us of that our emotions can be pretty "sappy" this season- literally. That in Spring, our stress/sap (read: anger, anxiety and depression) can often unexpectedly spill out of us. My heart aches for the many who become overwhelmed in these emotions and take irreversible actions. Spring suicides are the most common (only 2nd to the week of Christmas and New Years). RIP Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain and several others I don't know. 

With my seasonal growth and sap/stress in tow, I dove right into contradiction, y'all...  I attended my very first silent meditation retreat. YES. I. DID! Amidst a phenomenal month of coaching, teaching and expanding my business, Madame Chatterbox decided to ground her actions far more than her words"Say Less, Trina. Refresh the value of your voice." And so I did (or should I say "sat") for 4 days. Sending soo much lovingkindness to Sharon Salzberg, the Insight Meditation Society and my dear sister Tanya for always shining/sharing endless rays of light. xo

Which naturally segues into my next contradiction... Dettach to connect. Of all of my relationships, the most important quality time I have is with myself. Taking time to love + learn yourself requires a "healthy" separation from your tribe. That doesn't have to be 4 days of silence. It can be your morning pages. Or your therapy appointment. Or perhaps your favorite craft. It can be 15 mins of jumprope! We've got a 30-day challenge going in my family, with contenders from 6yo to 68yo ; ) Do whatever safely zones you OUT (of the world) and IN (to your truth). 

And since we're in the garden (read: your spirit + sanity), lets prune, shall we? Detoxing is THE action of the season. We must release the energy that does not serve us. Are we talking to negative people? Is the negative person YOU? How can we practice more compassion with ourselves and others? BREATHE and pull those weeds!!! 

Yes, the garden is looking good! The seeds are now stalks, and the growth continues. But where's the fruit? I don't see or smell the full bloom just yet? Patience, my friend. The next season is unfolding.  

Last contradiction... plan and then let the plan go. You now understand what it takes to maintain your garden, so keep at it. Just add this unique ingredient.... TRUST. Embrace the unknown. While our growth is undeniable, we can't complete curate it. We are the artist AND the masterpiece. The teacher AND the student. Never stop learning. Flex your innerG. Be a celebrated work in progress.

Its just like trusting that the weather will finally turn its seasonal page. We know its gonna happen; just not exactly when and how. All of the natural elements are at work. The steady sun, this beautiful new Gemini moon, all of the rain, wind, soil and wood (luhhhh my trees! xo) are in the ultimate jam session.  The timing is righteous. You are becoming. 

So take a long, deep breath and find a healthy contradiction. Its just a way to practice balance. Mine have shown me how necessary it is to make our way to the other side. 

There are SOOO many things on the horizon, y'all. Just thinking about it makes me excited and tired. Contradictions for the WIN!!!! lol

Lets feel the rhythm of this new flow, and then dance with our eyes closed! I'll see you in summer... when we'll BOTH have goodies to share ; )

Trina xo
 SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, July 28th.... ** ROOTED: Summer **

At THIS VERY moment...

Take 3 long breaths in and out (through nose and/or mouth). Close your eyes and re-open them after your last breath. 

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