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Issue #25 is here with panel discussion, reliable survey methodologies, developer superfans and more!  
Enjoy the latest updates from DevRelX.

[Industry Panel] From Tactics to Strategy
As part of the Future Developer Summit 1st episode, we hosted a panel to discuss tactics and strategy in developer relations. The panel was hosted by SlashData CEO Andreas Constantinou joined by Ali Spivak, the Sr. Director of Developer Relations at Okta, Daniele Bernardi, Staff Platform Growth, Developer Relations at Twitter and Chris Castle, Director of Developer Advocacy at Salesforce.
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[Blog] Developer Research 101: The right methodology for reliable survey data
Nearly 20% of DevRel practitioners struggle to justify the budget of their developer programs and 32% rely on qualitative arguments. How about data? Data don't lie IF you can trust the methodology. How can you make sure the data you are basing your decisions on is reliable? We put together a step-by-step methodology so you can reach conclusions you can trust.  
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Theme of the week:
Does developer marketing exist?

You are right - crazy question. Developer marketing does exist and is in fact the great challenge and mystery we are trying to explore in this podcast series. The question is inspired by today's guest Adam Duvander, who believes that what we do, in our effort to empower and help developers move forward is not really "marketing". And that's a valid point.
Adam Duvander joined us to talk:

  • Developer marketing
  • Why developer marketing is not marketing and what he loves most about it
  • His biggest challenge
  • Designing a developer marketing strategy
  • Content
  • Community
  • Events and more!

Listen to this episode to better understand developer marketing.

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May 11-14, 2021 (Online)
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Future Developer Summit
DevRel, the next day: Developer-led business growth
June 9, 2021 (Online)
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What to do with early developer super fans
Folks at Devocate argue that "Developer super fans are exactly what you need to scale your business, don't let these early customers slip through the cracks" on their new blogpost.
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The business value of a community manager
Olle, Jamie and Lera discuss the business value of a community and how to prove it to upper-level management.
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Learning by teaching: How sharing what you know can help you to learn things better
Pachi talks about how you can better learn a topic by trying to teach someone else about it. 
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We asked community leaders what their first step as a new Chief Community Officer would be
Folks at Commsor asked their community "What's the first thing you'd do in a new Chief Community Officer role?". The answers are pretty interesting.
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Every month, we will give away a book to our subscribers. The lucky winner for March is j**********@******.com who wins a copy of the Developer Marketing & Relations: The Essential Guide 3rd Edition book.
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