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Issue #17 is here with developer programs, fintech and APIs, online event tips  and more industry news!
Enjoy the latest updates from DevRelX.

[Live Talk] The Developer Ecosystem around Financial Services & APIs: Trends and Developer Personas
Tech inhabitant and the financial and banking world shows growing communities. We will use our insights and data from 30,000 developers globally to look into this growing community, and how we expect it to evolve. We will discuss the usage and popularity of APIs in this industry and see how popular banking and payment APIs are, but also who - which developer personas - use them, and what types of projects and applications they work on.
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[Sessions by SlashData] What makes a developer program successful during COVID-19?
In this session, SlashData will share the results of their Developer Program Leaders Survey to showcase you best practices in developer programs, backed by real data. The Developer Program Leaders Survey offers insights from a  global community who shares experiences and best practices on achieving the highest Return on Investment from your developer programs.
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Do you need to run a survey for your community?
How well do you know the needs of your developer community? Are you addressing these needs?
SlashData can help you understand your developer audience and optimize your efforts and budget to offer your community what they need and your stakeholders the ROI they’ve been looking for. How? By designing and running a survey for your community. You can see a presentation on how to do that.  
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[Blog] Organising Virtual Events: 3 Key Learnings from the Future Developer Summit 2020
Are we reinventing the wheel, forming a habit, or building an online community? Dos and don'ts, lessons-learned, pitfalls and experiences from organising the first online Future Developer Summit. 
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Why and how can the API community be more inclusive?

In this episode, we are joined by Claire Barrett, Director at APIsfirst consulting and Global leader of the Women In APIs.
We discuss: 

  • What she loves most about her work with Women in APIs and their strategic priorities
  • If and why we need a more diverse API community
  • The challenges for someone joining the API community
  • What we can do to encourage a more diverse audience to join it
  • The importance of balance and diversity within engineering teams and how can team leaders encourage it
  • The evolution of APIs in the future 
  • Opportunities and challenges due to the pandemic

See how we can build more inclusive and diverse communities in APIs and tech. 

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apidays LIVE Paris 
December 8-10, 2020 (online)
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Community Summit TLV
December 17, 2020
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Building a 1st Year Developer Relations Program
Alex Lakatos shares his process, how he approached building a developer relations program from scratch and tells us how he chose his blueprint. Promises a wild ride, so buckle up.
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The tech-writers’ journal #1— The evolution of tech-writing
Sneha Sridharan kicks-off a tech writers’ journal series as an attempt to record all her learnings in her journey as a tech-writer, starting with the basics.
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DevRel: The basics.
Pachi Carlson shares what undertaking a devrel role meant to her and what she learned in that role.
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When To Hire a Community Manager and Questions You Need to Consider
We know that building a community takes time, effort, and investment. Carrie Melissa Jones writes about when you will need a community manager and what to look out for.
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Developer Advocate/Evangelist at TIBCO
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Instructional Designer / Technical Writer at
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Developer Advocate at Raycast
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Developer Advocate at Treeverse
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