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Issue #59 Announcing DevRelX Summit lineup, State of Continous Delivery, DX Framework, Career advice and more, including 500+ community members!
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To mark it, let's recap what we've discussed in our first 10 editions of the Community Voice. Kudos to all members who shared their insights!

#1 What will change in 2022
#2 Advice for starters
#3 Must have to be a DevRel
#4 Love for DevRel
#5 Is DevRel for you?
#6 DevRel strategy
#7 Mental Health Awareness
#8 When efforts don't work
#9 Industry's Taboo
#10 Developer Myths

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#Summit 📣 The DevRelX Summit 2022 - Lineup Announcement
This year we are bringing you a community-centric event to voice ideas that matter to the DevRel community most. We will tackle together challenges and openly discuss key trends and opportunities like impact-drive strategy, measuring success, emerging technologies, future developers and how to supercharge your DevRel content and efforts.
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Moschoula Kramvousanou, DevRelX Summit's host and CEO at SlashData, invites industry leaders and all DevRel leaders and community members to contribute to the greater knowledge share in our industry!

SlashData and the CD Foundation have recently published a study which shows that large enterprises are becoming the most significant beneficiaries of DevOps practices. There, the proportion of low performers for lead time for code changes has dropped from 34% to 24% in the last six months, while the proportion of top performers has also increased from 13% to 21%.
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#DevX The ADKAR Framework for Developer Experience
Our community member Jamie Langskov shows how to translate different stages of ADKAR to building a holistic developer experience over a series of articles. Starting with A)wareness.
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#Community How to Deal with Low Engagement in a Community
What to do when engagement drops low in a community? 7 simple tips to help you started. P.S. Sometimes it's not the engagement to blame.
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#Burnout Avoid tech burnout: 5 ways to disconnect and relieve stress
In the State of Burnout in Tech 2022 report, 42% of tech employees are working with a high risk of burnout, and 62% feel physically and emotionally drained.
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#Career Building your DevRel Resume [Twitter Spaces]
Marino Wijay, Rizel Scarlett and more DevRels discuss best practices and share tips on building your resume, especially if you are just starting.
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#DevMarketing Developer marketing guide (by a dev tool startup CMO)
The acceleration of blockchain technology, crypto, smart contracts, NFTs, and metaverse has propelled the term “Web3”, promising the evolution of the static Web1 version that will enable people to not only read and write but also to own their content.
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#DevOps 77% of all developers are involved in DevOps
Who is into DevOps? The vast majority of professional developers (82%) are involved in DevOps in one way or another. For perspective, just over half (52%) of non-professionals are involved in any of the DevOps activities.
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#Career Navigating the DevRel Job Market
Tessa Kriesel her thoughts around variety of DevRel roles and career paths, where to look for jobs and how to set compensation expectations.
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The 2023 State of Developer Marketing
Sep 15, 2022
Online Webinar
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NFT Seattle
Sep 30 - Oct 1, 2022
Seattle, WA, USA
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📣 DevRelX Summit: Elevating the DevRel community, together
Oct 12 & 13, 2022
Virtual Conference
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JSWORLD Conference USA
November 11, 2022
San Francisco, CA, USA
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