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New Centro Store from Centro de Estudios Puertorriquenos

Centro Store’s Great Holiday Deals Art, Books, DVDs

Where else can you find a really unusual gift for anyone on your list with an interest in Puerto Rican heritage and history but at Centro’s new online store? The Centro Store is a great place to shop, offering a range of gift items from art to books to films and truly offers choices that can be found nowhere else.

For art lovers, the store features a limited edition of the nu-YO-Rican portfolio, colorful silkscreen prints by the five prominent Puerto Rican artists shown at our anniversary celebration art exhibition. The portfolio includes work by Diogenes Ballester (Newyorican Manifestation/ Manifestación Nuyorican), Marcos Dimas (Areito Jam), Sofía Maldonado (Un Verano en Nueva York), Rodríguez Calero (Amanece) and Adrián ‘Viajero’ Román (Aguas De Libertad). The artists currently have their work on display at the Hunter College East Harlem Art Gallery at the Silberman School of Social Work Building.

If you prefer to just order a print or two by your favorite artist, you can order them individually at the Centro Store for a limited time during the holidays.

So far, our virtual store has been well received. Current top sellers include the books Pioneros: Puerto Ricans in New York City 1896-1948 and Pioneros II: Puerto Ricans in New York City 1948-1998.

For those looking for good deals, our shop is offering seven bundles consisting of several products for one price.

One of our current top selling bundles, our art exhibit bundle, consists of the catalogs of nu-YO-Rican and the second of Centro’s recent 40th anniversary celebration art exhibits, Posters on the Wall: Our Nuyorican Story.

The nu-YO-Rican catalog includes the portfolio artists, Ballester, Dimas, Maldonado, Rodríguez Calero and Román, and interviews with them. Their art celebrates the endurance of the Puerto Rican identity, pride in the culture and heritage and the resolve of a people to make a difference in their communities.
The Posters on the Wall: Our Nuyorican Story catalog showcases the valued and extensive Centro Archives' graphics collection and includes an essay by co-curator Miguel Trelles. It illustrates the rich and diverse work of Puerto Rican artists who are especially distinguished for their contributions to printmaking. The posters, from Centro’s substantial graphic art collection, represent Puerto Rican social, political and cultural interests from the tumultuous 1960s through the 1990s.
Also available are:

• The Pioneros book bundle, which includes two of Centro’s most recent publications, The Stories I Read to the Children: The Life and Writing of Pura Belpré and Soy Gilberto Gerena Valentín: memorias de un puertorriqueño en Nueva York; as well as the book Pioneros II: Puerto Ricans in New York City 1948-1998.

• The Pura Belpré bundle, consisting of the book The Stories I Read to the Children: The Life and Writing of Pura Belpré and the DVD Pura Belpré: Storyteller.

• The Pioneros DVD bundle, which includes Pura Belpré: Storyteller, The Legacy of Frank Bonilla and A Revolt through Letters: Clemente Soto Vélez.

• The Centro Library bundle, a mix of products including books, posters and DVDs.

• The VIP bundle which includes publications of Centro research, and two DVDs about Centro’s work and its 40th anniversary, respectively.

 • The Centro 40th Anniversary bundle, which includes Centro research publications, the two anniversary art catalogs, a Centro tote bag and promotional materials.


  • The special Frank Bonilla bundle, which includes a DVD, a special edition of El Bulletin memorializing Centro’s founder, and a poster with his portrait.

 You can also order a gift subscription for our award-winning peer-reviewed CENTRO Journal or buy individual copies through the store. Centro just released the fall 2013 edition of the Journal.

You can even purchase gift certificates at our shop. Shipping is free until January 6, 2014. To visit the Centro Store now, go to

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