In this newsletter, I am addressing the structure of the universe and our inner dimensional path. There is a great example in the "share your experience" column about communication with friends who have departed. Also, take a look at the information about The Afterlife Conference in June. I'll be in Norfolk, Virginia conducting a unique four hour workshop. Hope to see you there. 

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What is the structure of the universe?
As science continues to focus on the external physical world they fail to recognize the greatest discovery in the history of mankind. Based upon many decades of out-of- body exploration the universe is without a doubt a multidimensional continuum. The true structure of the universe is based upon a progression or layers of energy and the physical world is but the dense outer epidermis layer (less than 1%) of this massive projection of energy. During OBEs, NDEs and during the process of death our consciousness naturally enters the parallel, less dense, energy segment of the multidimensional continuum.
The universe can be perceived as a projection of consciousness that manifests as a multidimensional hologram consisting of countless different frequencies. As we explore inward each dimension is progressively less dense and increasingly thought responsive. The resulting vibrational realities and dimensions coexist together - there is no separation by distance - all dimensions are here and now, existing with us. For example all radio, cell phone and television frequencies exist with us now, but each coexists within its individual frequency. In other words there are many frequencies of stable energy and only the outer crust of the continuum is matter. The end result is truly magnificent – countless energy realities all occupying the same space.
It is mind expanding to realize that each of us currently exist as a living, conscious microcosm of the entire universe, seen and unseen. At this moment, we exist within every major dimensional frequency of the universe. Our consciousness awareness and the universe are both multidimensional. Our various states of awareness; including our dreams, lucid dreams, OBEs, NDEs and the full spectrum of trance states are all evidence of our multidimensional nature. Even our very birth and death provide solid evidence of our entry and exit within the multidimensional universe.
For us to truly comprehend the vast universe we dwell within it’s essential for us to reexamine our dependence upon primitive beliefs and discover and practice an effective inner exploration method that resonates with us. Becoming an active explorer of consciousness is the essential key to obtaining the answers to the great mysteries of our existence. Our ability to comprehend and effectively navigate within our future nonphysical environment will depend upon what we do now to be prepared. The inner dimensional path before us is clear, become an explorer of consciousness - make it a priority today.

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Share Your Experience

"I've been interested in Astral Projection and OBEs for the past couple weeks. And doing my research via YouTube, the web, and just recently been getting into some books, including William's books. I've been trying to have an OBE for the past several nights with no success YET. But the other night I did have a spontaneous and unexpected OBE, which turned out to be my first. I must say that when I got out of bed, turned around toward the bed and saw my body still laying on the bed I was a bit startled. But I noticed this bright light through like a doorway on the opposite side of the room. I went into it and found myself in a world of ABSOLUTE beauty, I can't describe in words just how beautiful it was. I had a close friend that passed away the 2nd of this month. I've since been quite down and depressed over his death. Well, while I was just admiring the beautiful world that I stepped in I heard a voice say, “Hi Josh.” It was my deceased friend's voice. I turned around to see him standing right in front of me smiling at me. He was dressed all in white. It took me a minute or two before I could speak from surprise. We talked for about 10 minutes. He then told me that I better get back to my body and to not think of his passing as goodbye, but "Till we meet again." I went back to my body. I woke up in tears. I'm so thankful for that experience and getting to see my friend again. I've since been coping with his death so much better and with a different point of view over it. I feel like a ton has been lifted off my shoulders. Thanks so much."

Thank you for sharing your experience, Josh. This displays one of the great advantages of OBEs; they provide an opportunity for communication with our loved ones and a personal confirmation that our life continues beyond death. This first-hand confirmation reduces or eliminates the fear of death and opens our mind to the reality of our continuing journey beyond
the body. This is why my last book (Adventures in the Afterlife) and my upcoming book to be published this summer are devoted to our afterlife journey of consciousness. Knowledge is power and OBEs provide us deep insights into our spiritual path beyond the physical.

William Buhlman

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