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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Five Boro Bike Tour

Registration for the 2012 TD Five Boro Bike Tour is open. Every year, the fantastic ride features 40-miles of car-free NYC streets. Be a part of the biggest cycling event in the nation!
This year, you can enter a lottery for a spot in the Tour, or join a charity team for a guaranteed spot. The Safe Streets Fund is an official charity partner. Join the team and help promote cycling in NYC.


Mixing Zones

Protected bike paths, like those on First and Second Avenue, have special areas called “mixing zones” that allow cars to merge with bicycle traffic in order to turn left. Mixing zones allow traffic to keep flowing smoothly rather stopping bikes and cars using separate traffic lights. Stay safe in mixing zones by merging in front of or behind turning cars as appropriate. Take the full lane and do not hug the curb.

Mixing Zone
Mixing zone on Second Avenue


Bike Share Workshops

Please join DOT staff and your neighbors at an upcoming Community Planning Workshop to discuss how you envision NYC's bike share in your neighborhood. Help shape the system by identifying the best station sites near where you live or work. Stop by anytime during the sessions. We want your input!

At the workshops, you can check out the bikes, share your ideas for station locations, and ask questions. Plus, pick up free giveaways (while supplies last)!

Check for a complete list of the workshops.

Winter Bike Cleaning

With a couple of days nearing 60 degrees this winter, why not ease your way into some winter riding?  You’ll find that winter riding can be just as fun as long as you keep warm.
Winter can be harsh to your bike. Here are some tips for maintaining your bike during the winter.

  • Keep your tires pumped.
  • If you keep your bike outside, cold temperatures may cause your brakes to freeze up. Squeeze a little bit of chain lube into the cable housing can help melt it down.
  • Keep your brakes working by wiping down your wheel rims with a little bit of non-toxic cleaner. The grey dusty film can be stubborn, so you may have to do this a few times to get it all off.
  • Keep your chain and gears clean by using bike lube. The easiest way to do this is to slowly turn the pedals backward while dripping lube on the chain as it passes over the gears. Ten rotations should ensure good coverage. Lightly wipe excess lube by turning the pedals backward and gliding a rag over the chain.  

If you’re looking to give your bike the spa treatment, try out these tips.


Manhattan Bridge Detour

The Manhattan Bridge bike detour is still in effect. Bikes should ride on the south side of the Bridge. The usual bike path on the north side has been narrowed by construction scaffoldings. Stay tuned for updates on the project, which will be coming to a close this spring.


Road and Bridge Closures

For information about street closures, sign up for weekly traffic advisories.

Free Helmets

DOT has distributed over 50,000 official NYC Bicycle Helmets for free to New Yorkers. Schedule a time to get an NYC helmet by calling 311. Check our events calendar for upcoming fittings.

Report a Problem or Send Kudos

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Report a faded or damaged bike lane: Call 311
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