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The Crucible
The dog days of summer are here and as the mercury rises, we all welcome the idea of staying cool.  Desperate temps call for desperate measures and as we consider having chilled water balloon fights, wearing frozen flip-flops, or lounging on a bed of ice cubes, consider this:  Be cool at The Crucible. 
We’ve created a full schedule of cool classes that will make you the chillest person on the block.  Whether it’s Casting Wax to Silver Jewelry or Intro to Neon, we’ll teach you ways to take cool to a whole other level.  If you’re longing for a break from the wretched heat, be cool have a rad summer at The Crucible.

Weeklong Adult Workshops
Monday–Friday • August 8-12 • 10am-4pm
If you’re behind the ball planning your summer vacation, perhaps a make-ation is in order?  Hang up your keyboard and mouse, put down your PDA, and give up the grind for a week of creative exploration and an industrial arts experience that will make your co-workers jealous.  Each workshop is an entry-level class for beginners; no experience is necessary. All materials, equipment and safety gear will be provided. Each day includes 3-1/2 hours of instruction and then 2 hours of independent lab time.
It’s like summer camp for adults!

Introduction to Blacksmithing  {Sign Up Now}
Learn the fundamental skills of blacksmithing like tapering, upsetting, flattening, dishing and bending of hot steel. You’ll create small projects, such as spoons, knives, forks and hooks.
Glass Flameworking  {Sign Up Now}
Learn a variety of techniques including color pulling and applying, color pattern application, cane making, frit application and marble making.  You’ll use an oxy-propane torch to melt glass into beautiful marbles, pendants, beads and more.
Foundry Fundamentals  {Sign Up Now}
Learn the basic foundry techniques of lost-wax casting and sand casting. You’ll work with wax, ceramic shell and sand moldmaking and finishing. Then you’ll pour molten metal and complete several cast-metal pieces, which can be sculptures or utilitarian objects.
Introduction to Welded Sculpture
  {Sign Up Now}
You’ll learn to join pieces of metal using arc welding. You’ll also learn to slice through metal with the hot flame of an oxyacetylene torch and to use power and hand tools to finish your work. You’ll make a small sculpture to take home.
Last Week of Youth Summer Camp
Monday–Friday • August 1-5 • Mornings 9am-12pm or Afternoons 1-4pm
Has your young artisan been home all summer getting a bit too “creative” around the house? Send them our way and we’ll put the creativity to good use and re-engage their brain before school starts back up. Check out the options below and create a full or half-day experience.
For Ages 8-11
Youth Ceramics: Mudslinging Madness! 9am-12pm
Youth Cartoneria 9am-12pm
Youth Extreme Gizmos 1-4pm
Youth Clay Mask Making 1-4pm
Youth Super Sculpture 1-4pm
Youth Woodcarving 1-4pm
For Ages 12-17
Youth Blacksmithing 9am-12pm
Youth Glass Flameworking 9am-12pm
Youth Fused Glass & Mosaic Mania!  9am-12pm
Youth Glass-Tube Sculpture: Intro to Neon 9am-12pm
Youth Exploration in Metal Jewelry 9am-12pm
Youth Radical Robots 9am-12pm
Youth Adventure in Sand Casting 9am-12pm
Youth ARC Welding 9am-12pm
Youth TIG Welding 9am-12pm
Youth Woodturning 9am-12pm
Youth Frame Alteration: Art Bikes  9am-4pm
Youth Blacksmithing 1-4pm
Youth Glass Flameworking 1-4pm
Youth Introduction to Glass Blowing 1-4pm
Youth Exploration in Metal Jewelry 1-4pm
Youth Enameling 1-4pm
Youth ARC Welding 1-4pm
Youth TIG Welding 1-4pm

Hot August Weekends for Warriors
Summer let’s us celebrate the fruits of our gardening labor and our laundry list of projects finally completed, whether around the house, the backyard, or for the sold out Burning Man.  The Crucible’s weekend intensives are created for the weekend warriors in us who continue to want to tackle projects and beam at the results of our diligent work.  Many of the classes listed below are beginner level and no experience or creativity is required. We supply all the gear and materials needed; bring only your weekend warrior attitude and a smile. For other classes marked with an * you’ll need to have taken a prerequisite. Follow the class links for more information.
Aug 6-7
Introduction to Enameling I 10am-5pm
Glass Beads 10am-6pm
Exploration in Chainmaking * 10am-6pm
Special Effects with EL-Wire * (Saturday Only) 12-4pm
Oxyacetylene Welding 10am-6pm
Woodturning 11am-5pm
Aug 13-14
Duplicating Nature in Glass 10am-6pm
Casting Wax to Silver Jewelry 10am-6pm
Gemology (Saturday Only) 11am-4pm
Women's Welding 10am-6pm
Aug 20-21
Introduction to Blacksmithing 10am-6pm
Blacksmithing Family Fun ($ for 2) 10am-6pm
Fearless Fire Eating 1-3pm
Dragon's Breath 3:30-5:30pm
Glass Flameworking 10am-6pm
Glass Flameworking Family Fun ($ for 2) 10am-6pm
Introduction to Jewelry & Metals I 10am-6pm
Jewelry Family Fun ($ for 2) 10am-6pm
Introduction to Welded Sculpture 10am-6pm
Intro to Welded Sculpture Family Fun ($ for 2) 10am-6pm
Introduction to MIG Welding 10am-6pm
Intro to MIG Welding Family Fun ($ for 2) 10am-6pm
Beginning TIG 10am-6pm
Beginning TIG Family Fun ($ for 2) 10am-6pm
Small Scale Cloisonné Enameling 10am-6pm
Introduction to Neon (2 Saturdays – Aug 21 & 28) 10am-6pm
Build a Mandolin or Ukulele in Just Four Days!
(2 Weekends – Aug 20-21 & 27-28)
Aug 27-28
Continuing Techniques in Blacksmithing * 10am-6pm
Patinas Made Easy 10am-5pm
Advanced Marble Making Techniques 10am-6pm
Introduction to Jewelry & Metals II * 10am-6pm
Continuing Techniques in Welded Sculpture * 10am-6pm
Continuing Techniques in TIG 10am-6pm
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