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The Crucible
Summer Workshops: Sign Up Now For A Make-ation!
Monday - Friday • August 8-12, 2011 • 10am - 4pm
Take a break from the mundane, spend some time being creative and learning something new this summer. You’ll come back from your “make-ation” with a new skill and some original art to show off, and an experience you’ll never forget.
Introduction to Blacksmithing (Sign Up Now)
Learn fundamental skills needed to forge hot steel and understand blacksmithing tools. You’ll be introduced to tapering, upsetting, flattening, dishing and bending hot steel, and you’ll make several small projects, such as spoons, knives, forks and hooks.
Foundry Fundamentals (Sign Up Now)
Venture into the world of foundry processes, including wax work, ceramic shell, sand moldmaking, casting and finishing. You will use the lost-wax casting method (which begins with sculpting in wax) and the sand casting method (which uses a mold made from sand). You will help pour molten metal and complete several cast-metal pieces, which can be sculptures or utilitarian objects.
Glass Flameworking (Sign Up Now)
Create beautiful glass ornaments, globes, perfume bottles, pendants, tube beads, marbles and more! In flameworking, you’ll use an oxy-propane torch to melt glass and learn techniques including color pulling and application, color pattern application, cane making, frit application and marble making.
Introduction to Welded Sculpture (Sign Up Now)
Learn to join pieces of metal using arc (or “stick”) welding, while making a small sculpture you can take home! You’ll also learn to slice through metal with an oxyacetylene cutting torch and use power and hand tools to finish your work.
Immersion Program
July 5-9, 2011
The Crucible Immersion Workshops are designed to give students, beginner level to advanced, an opportunity to do a deep-dive study in a particular curriculum area. Over the course of five days, you will learn theory, principles, and extensive techniques that will give you the necessary skills to work independently. Each day will consist of six hours of instruction with four hours of optional open lab time in the evening, with the exception of Saturday, which will be a full 8-hour lab day. Lunch and dinner will be provided. The workshop week will conclude with a dinner and artist reception, on Saturday evening, where artists will have their work on display to talk proudly about. Friends and family will be welcome and can join the dinner for a fee.
Blacksmithing Immersion Workshop (Sign Up Now)
During this workshop, you will work with a professional blacksmith to learn 3D design and construction techniques.  You will have the opportunity to construct a project of your very own design during the open lab.  We will have a library of metalworking books and sample projects for inspiration.
Glass Flameworking Immersion Workshop (Sign Up Now)
During this exciting workshop, professional glass artists will guide you through the techniquesof working with borosilicate and soda-lime glass (soft glass).  You will have the opportunity to construct projects of your very own design during the open lab.  We will have a library of glassworking books and sample projects for inspiration.
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QR Codes
What the heck are QR Codes and they are they all over the studio?

QR stands for Quick Response and the codes are basically two-dimensional bar codes that can be read by smartphones with a reader or scanner app. 
QR codes can link to text, contact information, websites, your Facebook page, video or even geo-coordinates. They turn a real world object i.e. a barcode on a piece of paper into digital media  - essentially extending the Internet into objects in the real world and vice versa. Very exciting stuff for us techno geeks!

You’ll notice a few of these around our studio. We have some that will take you to our social media pages to follow, like or review us and then others that will let you download a copy of our current schedule directly to your phone, like the code to the left.
Resolve to Create
The winner for June is **Drum Roll Please**

Stephany W.
“I resolve to create more wood furniture with beach glass inlays.”
We can’t wait to see what Stephany will build! Don’t worry if your name was not drawn this month, you’re still eligible for future drawings. So what’s your creative resolution for 2011? Please share with us at Send us your resolution and picture, and you’ll be entered into a drawing for free tuition on a Crucible class!
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INFERNO: A Fire Circus
Friday & Saturday, July 15 & 16, 2011 • 7PM

Enter into Inferno: A Fire Circus, the hottest show on Earth with main stage performances by Lucent Dossier Experience. Explore a world of flames with an amazing cast of enticing characters and creatures where seductive sirens, fallen angels, fire breathing acrobats and irresistible creatures from the underworld beckon you to join their luminous conflagration and return with them to the fiery depths.

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Fireside Lounge: Playa Bound
Friday, August 19, 2011 • 6:30-9:30PM
$10 at door / Crucible Members are free

Celebrate Art, Fire and Movement with fire performance, textiles, hot wheels and kinetics. Get ready for Burning Man with our Fireside Lounge demonstrations. Watch the amazing fire feats by our talented fire performers, learn how to make soft circuit clothing, and learn how to bring life and FIRE to any sculpture.
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In this new section we hope to keep you all up-to-date on current industrial arts news, trends and events.
Bike Bridge Project
Black Rock Arts Foundation, NIMBY and The Crucible

Bike Bridge is an art collaboration between The Crucible and The Black Rock Arts Foundation (BRAF). The Bike Bridge will be constructed throughout 2011 and culminate in December in the installation of the piece in the form of a large arch made of reclaimed bicycle parts. It will serve as a gateway to the City of Oakland's new Uptown Merritt Art Park.  The sculpture is expected to be around 10 to 20 feet tall.  It will be the first work of art exhibited at the Park, and is expected to remain there for a year.
The Crucible's part in this project is to help with the assembling and decorating the sculpture.  To assist the Lead Artist, The Crucible has chosen 12 young female artists from seven West and East Oakland High Schools who will be trained in art bike construction courses and MIG welding in preparation for the project.
In July, the Lead Artist will produce finalized schematics for the sculpture, and begin construction of the sculpture at an industrial art space in East Oakland.  The partially completed sculpture will be moved from there to The Crucible, where the youth participants will assist the Lead Artist in embellishing and completing the sculpture during the remainder of July and August.  
In December, the Lead Artist and youth participants will assemble Bike Bridge at the Uptown Merritt Art Park.  BRAF estimates that tens of thousands of people will see Bike Bridge every week during its display at the Art Park.
Cal Shakes presents
June 1-26, 2011
California Shakespeare Theater
100 California Shakespeare Theater Way
Orinda, CA 94563
For the first time in their 38-year history, Cal Shakes presents Titus Andronicus, the young Shakespeare’s virtuosic spin on the revenge tragedies popular in his day, with James Carpenter in the title role. Friends of The Crucible get $10 off the adult ticket price; use the promo code “CRUCIBLE” when ordering online or by phone. Not valid in conjunction with other discounts.
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