Big Think WEDNESDAY Newsletter :: DECEMBER 10, 2014

Your Brain Peforms Better When It Slows Down, with Steven Kotler

While it may sound like sci-fi hocus pocus, Kotler explains that beneath a flow state lies "a complicated mass of neurobiology." Read More

Gravity is a Dancer's Best Friend, with Elizabeth Streb

Choreographer Elizabeth Streb is a force in the contemporary dance world. She teaches a unique brand of extreme impact movement she calls PopAction . . . Read More

New & Noteworthy

Sam Harris, Spirituality, and the Reclamation of "Spooky" Words

Sam Harris isn't hesitant to admit that he's embarrassed by the word "spirituality." Read More

David Stern: The NBA Had (and Still Has) a Lot to Teach America

"If you worked at the NBA in the '70s you had to be a believer that America was a good country and that we had something to teach rather than to be afraid of."  Read More

How Medical Studies Can Mislead Us and How This Doctor is Making a Change

Making informed choices about medical treatment could not only save our lives and improve our health, but could also dramatically reduce our medical bills. Read More

Can We Make Judgments About Risk Based on Facts, Not Just Emotions? An Encouraging Test Case.

Examples of people worrying too much, or not enough, are everywhere. Ebola, vaccines, climate change, obesity… But it’s also instructive, and encouraging, when people get risk right. Read More

What Good Idea is Good Enough?

Of course, it’s normal to get anxious before launching a crowdfunding campaign, but the best possible way to alleviate that (and eventually find success) is preparation.  Read More

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