Big Think SUNDAY Newsletter :: March 8, 2015

Are Geniuses Born or Made? A Conversation with Dr. Joy Hirsch

As part of Big Think's partnership with 92Y's Seven Days of Genius, Dr. Hirsch explores the connections in our brain that make us different. Read More

Why We Need to Disconnect From Technology, with Arianna Huffington

No one -- not even the head of a 24/7 multimedia company -- needs to be plugged in all the time. Read More

New & Noteworthy

Top tech leaders: We're still too afraid to fail

Those are the findings of a new Big Think/Singularity University survey of 1,283 of the most innovative thinkers in America. And in an economy whose fragile recovery hinges on bold, new ideas, it's not a good sign. 
Read More

The Upside of Anxiety

New York neuroticism is the obverse of Kantian tranquility: harried, unsatisfied, anxious, perturbed. A life filled with worry and noise rather than one steeped in calm and virtue. But is this necessarily a bad thing? Read More

Heather Berlin on Genius and Creativity

What do originality and invention look like in the brain? Neuroscientist Heather Berlin explains current research into creative "flow states," examining what happens in the brain when rappers and jazz musicians improvise.Read More

Genius is a Continuum, with Dr. Joy Hirsch

Can you find "genius" in the brain? Neuroscientist Joy Hirsch explains her thoughts on genius as a physical extension of humanity's pioneering spirit. Read More

The Wisdom of the Crowd, with Chance Barnett

Crowdfunder isn’t a substitute for venture capital, but it creates entirely new avenues for failure and success. Read More

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