Recently, a children's book made its way onto my radar and I wanted to share it with you: 

Funville Adventures

This week, I have the pleasure of sharing the platform with one of the authors of Funville Adventures. Together, Sasha Fradkin and Allison Bishop have created a journey that you and the kids will love to explore! For the Spanish version of this week's newsletter, head over to Also, make sure you give a big thank you to Ed Campos for taking the time to translate many of the Table Talk Math newsletters into Spanish. From Sasha:

Imagine a world where functions are not confined to a blackboard, but rather come to life as magical beings! This is Funville, where each inhabitant has a special power to transform objects. In Funville Adventures, a math-inspired fantasy recently published by Natural Math, two human children stumble upon this place and explore it, meeting many interesting characters along the way.

The adventure begins when 9-year old Emmy and her 5-year old brother Leo go down an abandoned dilapidated slide and are magically transported into Funville. They quickly discover that Funville is full of surprises; one never knows when something will be copied, shrunk, turned upside down, or erased! But despite being able to do some very impressive tricks with their powers, Funvillians often get stumped by situations requiring more than just the straightforward use of a single power. Emmy and Leo must use their out-of-the-box thinking to solve problems and to figure out how to get home!

While on the surface, Funville Adventures is just a fairy tale, the powers of the Funvillians are a vehicle for introducing children to the concept of a function as well as related concepts such as invertible and non-invertible functions, domains, ranges, and functionals, without mathematical terminology.

Funville Adventures is available from Natural Math and is on Sale through the end of March.
Funville page on Natural Math

Funville web tour page

Funville on Amazon
Take a look at the promo video here!
Have you taken the leap and picked up your copy of Table Talk Math? If so, I would be incredibly honored to have you leave a review on Amazon. It helps others get an idea of what kind of book they're getting and offers an extra insight that I would love to have.

Thank you for bringing math to the table!

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