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Table Talk Newsletter #29

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Recently, I saw a post on XKCD that tackled the question,

"How fast could you visit all 50 states?"

Keep in mind that this is for the United States of America, so feel free to interchange it with wherever you and your family lives. For me and my family, this was an outstanding conversation using a globe and a little bit of creativity.

We talked about driving, which is what we normally do, and the amount of time it would take to travel all that distance. How far is it from our house to Florida? What about to Washington? Oh, how about ALASKA?! And we aren't even going to talk about Hawaii and how we would drive there...

So then we talked about flying, and how expensive it would be. After all, that's a flight for every single state, and that would get ridiculous in a hurry.

Because my kids are younger, we stopped with a lot of noticing and wondering and a little bit of counting and addition. I'm interested to hear where you might take this with your kids, so let me know!

XKCD took this question a step further and thought about how few straight lines it would take to touch all 50 states, assuming Alaska is Northwest of Washington and Hawaii is West-Southwest of California.

Use any of these as your reference maps and have at it:
United States

How few of lines can you create? Any reason or logic behind it? Share with me by replying to this email or Tweeting me at @tabletalkmath.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on Twitter (@TableTalkMath) or reply to this email. Be sure to have your friends sign up for the newsletter at for weekly updates.

Thank you for taking the time to improve math fluency for children, one table talk conversation at a time.
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