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Hi there!

I wasn't familiar with the idea of rewilding the world, then Sir David Attenborough came, and I wrote about that on a Secret Breakfast previous issue (Jan 5th, 2021). 

Now, this rewilding idea is resurfacing via Clive Thompson quoting this post by CJ Eller that's basically quoting a Twitter thread by Tom Critchlow. This one:
But if all you read and follow are mainstream and “inner circle” folks then you're only going to see the status and celebrity game.

You'll desire audience and reach and think that writing in fast company is success...

When the reality is that you can rewild your attention, and follow blogs and people writing small weird things.

You can find your group, you can forge real connections. And writing, working in public helps! It's a tiny weird signal.

Add this to our bucket list, then: it's time to rewild not only this Planet but our attention too, our public space, the way we communicate, and - why not? - the way we harvest and glorify food. 

I wish you could find soon your tiny weird signal. This newsletter was intended to be something like that.


Photo by Dmitry Grigoriev on Unsplash
You can’t do your job and be afraid.
→  Meryl Streep, actor (quoted in this book)
Somewhere I have an emergency half-cooked Secret Breakfast issue about movies. Just in case, you know: I may run out of gas, got a flat tire, do not have change for cab fare, I may lose my tux at the cleaners or lock my keys in the car, there might be an earthquake, a terrible flood or the locusts!

While I wait for that, I can share with you this food and film list (with original emojis) by Diálogos de Cocina.

🍦 Only Lovers Left Alive (Jim Jarmusch, 2013)
🐦 Babette's Feast (Gabriel Axel, 1997)
🥞 The Kid (Charles Chaplin, 1921)
🍝 Big Night (Stanley Tucci, Campbell Scott, 1996, pictured)
🍗 The Party (Blake Edwards, 1968)
🍂 Autumn Tale (Eric Rohmer, 1999)
🍷 Sideways (Alexander Payne, 2005)
🥖 Viridiana (Luis Buñuel, 1977)

Do you have any other favorites?

Great Britain has 31 queens: meet them

I'm partial to Hoxton Mini Press, because I love its books. I'm partial to this book because it features many of my favorite British cooks, recipe developers, and famous chefs' ghosts. These girls need our attention not only because they are women, but because they know their shop.

The Female Chef by Clare Finney & Liz Seabrook (I think you easily get a 10% off buying by the publisher, plus they plant a tree for any book sold)
→ Shortplot: 🍞 🍛 🥐 🐟
This is a space where I share some food (un)related stuff of my week 

🌶 Confit tandoori chickpeas, or better call it Eleven cloves of garlic with some chickpeas (just joking, it's delicious, ★recipe) ✍️ Here’s how to write a résumé that an AI will love ⚗️ Book your spot at the 3rd Festival de fermentación, starting October 4th (free events too) 🌮 A 30 days taco subscription service? Count me in! 📸 Instagram ruined photography for a lot of people, this guy, for example 🐔 El Pollo Loco Calls for long-overdue recognition of Hispanic culinary talent 🍝 When in trouble, cook some Cuckold's Pasta (★recipe) and don't be cheap with the Parmesan Cheese 🥧 Up your pie game now: 17 vegan pie recipes (★recipes)
Melissa Pandika / Mic
"Sploshing is a fetish in which people derive sexual arousal and pleasure from being covered in food products and beverages". Now it's something trending, they say. 
Sirin Kale / The Guardian
When I first saw protein added yogurt nothing clicked. Now I understand: "protein has gone from a niche bodybuilding supplement to a mainstream obsession".
Forget your herbal tea and hot bath: now they make ice creams that prevent micro-awakenings and chocolates that prepare your body for sleep. 
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