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Hi there!

I couldn't resist. That was a damn "secret breakfast"!

Ok, that wasn't properly breakfast, maybe teatime, but you know... I also appreciate that Queen kept a snack in her purse and the bear kept the coat on all the time.

Here's his marmalade (★recipe) and his sandwich (★recipe).



Picture: Elizabeth II + Paddington Bear + tea + marmalade sandwich in the royal handbag - full video
→  Ella Carey, The Things We Don't Say.
The Spanish region of Biscay (or Bizkaia) might tell you nothing. Bilbao, its most famous city, with its Guggenheim Museum, may ring a bell.  

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe probably is not on your map. But some of you may see it is nothing less than Dragonstone of Game of Thrones. 

I had a surprising lunch with people from Biscay, and the most surprising thing is I'm still here writing this instead of flying there and having a great time.

Now, some notes from that lunch (I'll try to share some pics on Instagram on Wednesday).

📌 Gilda. When you think about pintxos, the Basque tapas, you have in mind something with bread as a supporting role. Gilda is different: you have a toothpick, Cantabric anchovies, green olives, and guindilla peppers. The legend says it was invented during the San Sebastián Film Festival for Rita Hayworth, the actress starring in the movie Gilda (★recipe).

📌 Txistorra is the local spicy sausage. I had it served on a taco, drinking cider. It's something you don't really miss in your life, but if you start, you want a second one. 

📌 Sea Soul N4 is a red wine from an undersea winery. It's aged in new French Oak barrels for 14 months followed by 15 months of underwater treasuring. Seashells and seaweeds encrust the bottle. The smell, at first, is really "marine" then you go 14% Syrah. 

📌 Marmitako (meaning "from the big pot") is the Basque fish stew made with potatoes and tuna (★recipe).

📌 Could we miss the cod? No, we couldn't. This one is made with Pil Pil Sauce (★recipe), something you get by mixing the natural gelatine of the cod with garlic and oil. 

📌 Basque people have their own BBQ, aka Txuleton (★recipe), and their vegetable specialty, aka Pisto (★recipe)

Picture: Underwater wine by
There is no clean definition for Korean American food, and there you have it anyway

This book is everywhere because Korean food is so hot right now, Kim is so popular, and - God - that chicken on the cover looks so crispy. There's another reason I want you to consider it: Tori Latham in this excellent article wrote that "where cookbooks of the past tried to draw boundaries around cuisines and delineate which foods belonged to which people, today’s center our commonalities". One of her examples is Korean American, in which Eric Kim shares how cooking gave him the confidence to own his story. More about him here

Korean American by Eric Kim 
→ Shortplot:
🍚 🍗 🌶 🌈
This is the space where I share some food (un)related stuff of my week 

🍿Ok, we have a new food film to watch in November, featuring Lord Voldemort (as The Chef), Queen's Gambit girl, and - somehow-  Dominique Crenn: The Menu, watch the teaser trailer! 🍵Vintage China Collectors Are Taking to Instagram 👨‍🍳26 chefs and their secrets + the one that challenges Salmonella cooking meatballs on an empty egg carton 🐟 Don't believe people overcooking salmon, but try Jamaican salmon croquettes (★recipe) 🗾Anyone missing Japan? I give you something more to miss: midnight diners 🌺We began the year by saying that hibiscus would trend: now make a granita of it (★recipe) 🇲🇽Or you can have some Mangonada (★recipe) 🥧All the calories I probably should have in a whole month, all into a single cake: Peach crostata cheesecake with meringue (★recipe) 🇮🇳Lentil pancakes, or Masoor Dal Chilla, are a better fit if you need non-animal protein (★recipe) 🥚The Ridiculous Egg Machine That Changed a New Yorker Writer's Breakfast Game
Viola Zhou / Rest Of World
If you see and hamburger on tv and you crave immediately one, livestream e-commerce land China is not for you. A glimpse of the future that is already here. 
Clare Finney  / The Guardian
I needed that. I need every trick in the book. 
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