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I hope some of you are traveling these days or have just had a great holiday. 

Then, what's your ROA? Your "Return on Adventure"?

I found this concept by looking into Scott Jones' Ideas Notebook. He writes:
Think of the financial concept of Return on Investment (aka "ROI"), but for the investments you make in travel and the subsequent personal enjoyment you get from those adventures.

[...] Over the remainder of your life, a trip’s value continues to increase and increase. It’s not uncommon for the majority of the personal value of a trip to be generated after the trip itself. 

The idea is: prioritizing travel experiences, being intentional during travel, capturing the details of your trip, reflecting on those experiences, and creating systems and habits that inspire you to remember your travel memories regularly.

It's nothing we do not know, but how much do you really invest in that?


Picture by Sheep
You have probably heard about the Chorizo-gate
French scientist Etienne Klein shared an image of what appeared to be a close-up of Proxima Centauri, the closest star to our sun. It went viral for the wrong reasons as not everyone on Twitter realized it was actually just a slice of chorizo.

That's The Emperor's New Clothes story, just pimped with social media, salami, and human superficiality. No wonder it was real fun!

Deception is a fantastic ingredient. And this chorizo-gate reminded me of the work by Spanish photographer Joan Fontcuberta. In his book Karelia: Miracles & Co. he created a mock photo essay revealing the miracles (or unveiling the hoax) of a fictional monastery.

Yes, he made a fake reportage about a fake story about fake people.

In one picture the artist is shown holding a slice of ham with an image of Che Guevara on it "and the caption states that Adolf Hitler or Osama Bin Laden can be seen on other ham slices depending on the food eaten by the pig". 

Deception. Cured meat. Space. Cuban icons. What a mix!

Picture: Joan Fontcuberta. Karelia: Miracles & Co., 2002
Persian temptations

Sabrina Ghayour is an Iranian-born, self-taught home cook turned chef, cookery teacher, and food writer (words are not mine). She's the bestselling food author at the moment in the UK with this book packed with ideas like Baked Halloumi with Lemon, Thyme and Honey, Fennel, Feta, Orange & Pistachio Salad, or Bloody Mary Spatchcocked Chicken. With her "Persiana" series, she made Persian flavors closer to common people, like in this Aromatic Sweeetcorn Rice with Prawns (★recipe)

Persiana Everyday by Sabrina Ghayoour
→ Shortplot:
🇮🇷 🍯 🦐 🍊
This is the space where I share some food (un)related stuff of my week 

🚢Who is the most badass person in history that no one knows about? The Titanic's pastry chef 🦈The Chinese influencer that ate a protected shark on live-stream and now is facing jail  🤑Rappers are obsessed with George Clooney's tequila 📱Need a new app? Parsnip is said to be the Duolingo for cooking 🙀Gaggan Anand made a new emoji menu 🍝Nuclear pasta and spaghettification are science, folks 🍯The problem with figs: squirrels and birds eat them all when they're ripe. The solution: forage them while they're still unripe, then follow Pascal Baudar (recipe) 🇳🇱A Dutch chef runs a restaurant aboard a hot air balloon, which she notes is “actually a huge hot oven" (or a Dutch oven?) 🎯The Best Butter Temperatures to Use When Baking Cookies, Pies, and Breads 📍Amsterdam wants to be the new Copenhagen 🛒33 Best Kitchen Storage Products That Help Save Space 🥫How to Make Canned Vegetables Taste Luxurious 🐟Green shakshuka, quinoa and fish; Smoky butter beans with fish and rice; One-tray roast fish with brothy white beans, capers and lemon. Let's become a "One-pan pescatarian" (★recipes) 👕 For The Bear-obsessed: the T-shirt Carmy was wearing (spoiler: there are two, and one is 45$)
Frank Jacobs / Big Think
Dawa dawa, a West African locust bean product.  Shito, a shrimp paste popular in Ghana. Shutki, a dried fish dish popular in Bangladesh. Garum, the fermented fish of Ancient Rome. The long road of the fifth taste. 
Somini Sengupta and Tomás Munita  / The New York Times
Fungal networks are an intriguing ally in efforts to tame global warming. The network works like a secret Silk Road: fungi give the trees much-needed nutrients extracted from the soil. Fascinating. 
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