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Are you familiar with the expression "Creepypastas"? 

My first guess was: it must be a kind of unthinkable pasta, as in Single cream, pineapple, and marinated anchovies spaghetti (no recipe will be linked this time). 

Creepypastas are something else: horror-related legends or images that have been copied and pasted around the Internet. Slender Man is a creepypasta. 

Let's get back to food. Italian physicist and Nobel Laureate Giorgio Parisi suggested cooking pasta with the heat off to save energy and money amid the cost-of-living crisis. How do you do that?
  • Bring water to boiling point
  • Dive the pasta in
  • Turn off the heat and use a lid
  • Pray for about 3 minutes
  • Save about 8 minutes of cooking time
Does it work? It does and it does not. You may get the pasta cooked, but it will be gluey/rubbery.

Another alternative method could be the passive cooking of the pasta. 
  • pasta in boiling water
  • cooking it for just two minutes,
  • then turn off the heat
  • cover for the rest of the required time

The third weird idea, cold cooking
  • uncooked pasta in cold water (1 LT x 100 gr)
  • turn on the heat
  • as the water gets hotter you take away the water in excess

And now I just crave some Ottolenghi's One-Pan Pasta With Harissa Bolognese (★recipe, original here): you just need about 90 minutes in the oven. 

That's the only creepy-pasta I want. 


PS: if you also need some Kenji López-Alt pasta science, I got you covered.

Picture: the iconic Glasspot by KnIndustrie
→  Michael Pollan, This is your mind on plants (🇮🇹Italian edition)
The reason why the bad press is, in fact, the good press can be explained by this headline:
Now I just can't wait for Hulu's Chefs vs Wild, where cooking meets survivalism, or just where chefs wear waterproof hoods.

You can laugh at them now, but when Greta Thunberg's prophecy will be fulfilled, remembering this show could save your life. 

PS: The series is produced by David Chang in conjunction with Vox Media Studios.

PPS: In the waiting, you can click play here: Chef's Table - Season 1, Episode 3, Francis Mallmann. 
If Instagram was made of cookies

Sometimes I'm tired and my book suggestions are cheap (or just "not my cup of tea"). But who doesn't like cookies? Corianne Froese is the blue fairy of "cookie couture". Think about gradients, brush pens, and sugar coatings. Here you have them all, edible. 

Cookie Couture: A Guide to Cookies Almost Too Pretty to Eat by Corianne Froese
→ Shortplot:
🍪 🌈 🍪 🌈
This is the space where I share some food (un)related stuff of my week 

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Daniel M. Lavery / Lapham's Quarterly
Prince Condé’s maître d’hôtel, François Vatel is well known because he died by suicide on account of a delayed shipment of fish that disrupted his plans for the king’s dinner. He’s often erroneously credited with the invention of crème Chantilly (★recipe) and most of what we know about Vatel is wrong (and it's not Gérard Depardieu's fault).
Samia Madwar  / The Walrus
There is no recorded date or location of its invention, but hummus is everywhere. The thing is that it belongs to different countries. That's why it can be a matter of cultural appropriation. 
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