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Hi there!

This is the part of the year I let physicians test me so I can get a beautiful piece of paper stating that I'm basically made of lousy posture, fatigue, and foie gras. 

It's incredible: you can live a life surrounded by all kinds of comforts and end up making thousands of little bad choices every single day.

I mean: those Sri-Lankan fishers up here (pictured by Steve McCurry in 1995) didn't have all the possibilities we have. They also did not properly work sitting on a comfortable Herman Miller. Nevertheless, they look like princes, and I feel like s**t.


PS: if you like Steve McCurry, you can find an excellent exhibition about freedom in Palermo, Italy. Or on the InterWeb ;-)

Picture: Weligama, Sri Lanka, 1995 © Steve McCurry | Oltre il Cibo
→  Dan Barber, chef, interviewed by Andrew Zuckerman for Time Sensitive podcast. I really recommend you to listen to the whole episode, or just read the transcript.
People search for places like "Rage room", "Music themed rooms", "Crystal room" or "Tiny library room" are peaking. Nothing like the pandemic made us aware of the importance of the things surrounding any life experience. 

"Emotional escape rooms" are the place we didn't know we needed at home. But you can also have "your" emotional escape room in the openness of a garden, in your favorite coffee shop, or just with a good bite in a good place.

What's yours? 

Image: Self-Portrait in Tub With Chinese Food - Lee Price
A Heartbreaking Work of a Black American Chef

Kwame Onwuachi stands out with the book Notes from a Young Black Chef (🇮🇹 Italian edition here) and is the winner of the 2019 James Beard Foundation Award for Rising Star Chef of the Year. I know, I have already dropped the link to this book one week ago, but this one is really something not to be missed. I'll give you one reason: "spanning Nigeria to the Caribbean, the South to the Bronx, and beyond. From Nigerian Jollof, Puerto Rican Red Bean Sofrito, and Trinidadian Channa Curry to Jambalaya, Baby Back Ribs, and Red Velvet Cake, these are global home recipes that represent the best of the patchwork that is American cuisine". Here you find an excerpt about Suya, the grandfather of the American BBQ. And here are 11 recipes from Kwame Onwuachi to make again and again (recipes).

My America: Recipes from a Young Black Chef: A Cookbook by Kwame Onwuachi and Joshua David Stein
→ Shortplot:
🍚 🌍 🔥 🇺🇸
This is the space where I share some food (un)related stuff of my week 

🥘Put Down the Salt and Season Your Food with Vinegar 🍋Greek Lemon Potatoes are a side dish that can work as a main course 🍦How to eat ‘bad’ things and still look good: Phaidon authors giving away healthy recipes of ice cream, pancake, and burgers (★recipes) 💀Science of Fasting: Scientific explanation on benefits of Fasting/Caloric restriction 🦈 Trend alert: dry-aged fish is the new fresh fish 🍝I have 7 kinds of pepper in my kitchen, obviously I miss the Best Pepper to Use in Pasta from Cambodia 🥜The Peanut Butter Fruit actually is a miracle of flavor 💥Is “Cluttercore” the Chaotic Good We Need Right Now? (hat/tip Giulio) 🔔Dolly Parton to star in a musical on TikTok about Taco Bell's Mexican pizza 🐮I find them terrible - except for one Ottolenghi knockoff - but "since you asked": marketing guru Seth Godin's secret food treats (★recipes) 🌴Festival de Cannes starts today and we already have a winner in the category Most disgusting stuff of the future into a trailer (thanks to Mr. Cronemberg) 🍌Subwoolfer's Give That Wolf a Banana did not win the Eurovision song contest, but you can still learn that funny dance, yum yum yum
Why this newsletter is linking to a blog post by an erotic podcasts website? Because "hedonism is actually just about recognizing and luxuriating in your own pleasure and joy. It’s just as much about getting cozy with chicken pot pie (★recipe) on Tuesday nights as it is about being covered in glitter on the dance floor on Saturdays". 
Stacey Colino  / The National Geographic
What Dan Barber was saying in the podcast I wrote above, can be found in this compelling article with beautiful pictures.  
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