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Novelist Rahul Raina lives in the UK and during the lockdown cooked his family recipes talking via WhatsApp with his grandmother, who was in India. I mean, this is better than sexting: a real Kashmiri Mutton Yakhni formula (★here) is far more rewarding than a d**k pic, isn't it?

A food epistolary romance would be my perfect summer reading if only I could find one. In the meantime, I'll watch The Lunchbox for the n-time. 


Picture: a Giant Halwa Paratha in Kashmir (★recipe)
For fifty thousand years, right up to the industrial revolution, human civilization was about one thing and one thing only: food. Every culture that existed put most of their time, energy, manpower, and resources into food. Hunting it, gathering it, farming it, ranching it, storing it, distributing it… it was all about food.
→  Andy Weir, Project Hail Mary (a great sci-fi book)

The recipe book with no recipes (but actually with many recipes)

The New York Times Cooking section is so cool you have to buy another subscription to access it. Now you can buy their book: it's looking like 99% marketing and 1% good ideas, but actually, it's more 50% and 50%. 
I like the way recipes are presented: a list of ingredients (and measurements) followed by step-by-step directions. Does it sound like a recipe to you? Sure it does!

No-Recipe Recipes by Sam Sifton
→ Shortplot: 🥳 📖 😱
This is a space where I share some food (un)related stuff of my week 

❄️ How to Organize Your Fridge, by the Wirecutter 🏝 European Out of Office vs. American Out of Office 🍶 20 Simple sauces that will transform any meal (★recipe) 🥤 93% of carbonated soda drinks in the U.S. are owned by 3 firms and other visual data that will keep you hovering on you monitor for hours 🌮 You silly git, you cannot call food "exotic" ever 🦞 The UK is trying to find a way to humanely kill a lobster before cooking (I think because after cooking it will be too late). Electrical stunning seems the way 🌴 We can rather have a vegan lobster roll (★recipe) 🍫I've found 35 grams of La Rifa chocolate in Milan, here
Nicola Slawson / The Guardian
When I read things like "people have turned to food for comfort" at first I think: what's wrong with that? Then I consider I've been wearing joggers for too long, and for a subtle reason. Emotional eating can be emotional. Or it can be - simply - too much eating. Too bad. 
The Economist (paywall) - or here
If you are tired of your-own-bubble-zoom-calls and think that "interacting meaningfully with a new person can bring huge rewards—but it is a skill that must be cultivated and can easily be lost" this is for you. 
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