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They say that chefs became the new rockstar. They have labs and factories like artists did. Massimo Bottura made a dish inspired by Jackson Pollock, and I think it was inevitable that artists now started... cooking. 

In September it will be published The Kitchen Studio: 100 recipes from world-famous artists, including Vik Muniz, Kiki Smith, Kehinde Wiley, Danh Vo. Who?

Well, you probably heard about Olafur Eliasson: in his studio in Germany, he has a dedicated kitchen team, who create climate-conscious food. Or, in this case, a multicolored circular piece of sourdough (★recipe) resembling his art

I can hear him whisper: who's the artist now?


PS: want a real piece of art? Obaachan's Curry illustrated by grand-daughter Naomi Otsu (★recipe)

Picture: The Kitchen Studio (Phaidon)
Food has become a consumer object that doesn't need to be eaten to be consumed.
→  Martín Caparrós, writer (link)
Nowadays you can probably tell a chef by his (or hers) tattoo. A few years ago a fun book was this one: Knives & Ink: Chefs and the Stories Behind Their Tattoos.

Chefs knuckles now sport letttering like "El Chefe", "Hot Sauce", "Home Made"... Chefs arms are adorned with knives and snakes, ice creams and naked women. Not in that particular order.

But now, forget the stories: tattoos can heal the mind as well as adorn the body, says The Guardian. 

I meditate, therefore I eat
★★ ★

It is not easy to be comfortable with Zen practice and teachings. This one by Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh is an old small treasure for all who want to practice mindfulness while eating (and cooking, why not?). "Something as simple and ordinary as drinking a cup of tea can bring us great joy and help us feel our connection to the Earth", he writes. If you're good with this, you'll like this book.

How to Eat by Thich Nhat Hanh (🇮🇹 Italian edition)
→ Shortplot: 🍚 🙏🏻 📿 😌
This is a space where I share some food (un)related stuff of my week 

📈 Krispy Kreme, Dutch Bros and the US restaurants that are aiming to go public 🛒 The 13 Best Things to Buy at IKEA, According to Professional Organizers 🇯🇵 All the Best Japanese Snacks to Eat While Watching the Olympics (and Paralympic Games as well) 🍊 Or just fruit sandwiches 🎧 If you're traveling or just need a podcast, you can check Gastropod 📱Unread Messages is a free short story by Sally Rooney that anticipates her new novel (Normal People's Sally Rooney, yes) 🏡 Homeownership could be turning you into a bad person 💩 Widespread sexual harassment and retaliation cost $ 600k to the Batali & Bastianich Hospitality Group 🍅 Tomato fruits send electrical warnings to the rest of the plant when attacked 🇷🇴 Sarmale are the fermented cabbage rolls you were expecting your entire life (★recipe and video-recipe)
Susan Van Allen / BBC
Garum is pretty cool in year 2021, but Roman cooking wasn't built in a day nor just fit into a rotten fish tank. Set aside Cacio e pepe for a moment and meet patina cotidiana and pullum oxizomum.
Clay Skipper / GQ
If you believe "Happiness is an outcome, not a mandate", you might enjoy the words of relationship therapist Esther Perel.

Look, mama, Secret Breakfast is on Food & Wine Magazine

It's been a big surprise for Secret Breakfast to be featured, with many others appreciated food newsletters, on Food & Wine magazine this August. Thanks to the people at F&W and to Jamila Robinson who wrote that beautiful column. Plus, that issue features a super Peach Cobbler and lots of plant-based ideas.

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READER'S CORNER. Chantal asked some quick Italian recipes not conceived to feed 1.000 people. Well, sometimes we cheat using this rule:

fast cooking carbs + something cooked in batches before.

Think about 80 grams of pasta with some pesto: 10 minutes. Think about toasted garlic bread (bruschetta) with some fresh cheese and oven-cooked summer vegetables: 8 minutes.

★RECIPE I do not love basil pesto, and my summer favorite is this one: one tomato, the pulp of one organic orange, oregano, salt, fresh chili (you decide how much and how spicy), a bunch of cashew nuts, salt, extra virgin olive oil, some grated cheese (try the hot provolone, if you can find it), orange zest. Blitz it all. Cook the pasta - or lentil pasta - and finish with this sauce: cheese will secretly melt with the heat and you'll have your fresh dinner made in no time. 
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