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Later today, I'm grocery shopping. In Italy, prices are slowly rising (about +8% over last year). Not far from here Turkey is +78.6%. 

If you're lucky, that's the future you're facing.

Then, there's Kremenchuk, Ukraine, where your grocery store has just been destroyed by a missile strike, as you see in the picture above by Genya Savilov. 

We have lots of reasons to feel worried right now, but we have many more reasons to be grateful for what we have and we do not even notice. That's the first step. Then, after gratitude, it will be time to cook up new solutions. 


Picture: Genya Savilov/AFP/Getty Images
→  Hitonari Tsuji, Egg Man (🇮🇹 Italian edition here)
I spent a week in Brussels, but that wasn't enough. I can't tell you something unforgettable about that city.

It seems to me like a place you have to find a breach to finally get it. Here's why I'm leaving here just a bunch of notes. And no chocolate or frites. 

🦊The population of Brussels: eurocrats, migrants, and - surprise! - wild animals (check this exhibition).  

🍅When in a Bulgarian mini-market I finally got the difference between Ajvar (★recipe) and Lutenitsa (★recipe): mostly tomatoes. 

🍯I'm still in love with Marché du Midi Msemen with cheese and honey (★recipe)

🇵🇹I've had excellent Pasteis de Nata and...

🇨🇳... Chinese hand-pulled noodles.

✏️ This stationery place can solve our Christmas needs, or just go versus my world's favorite (Itoya)

🏠Horta Museum is un-missable. 

🎞Vivian Maier is everywhere

🍻 Cara Pils is one of Belgium's cheapest beers; in the land of beer, not the best choice (that's why the bird looks skeptical). 

🐴Boentje by Brasserie Witloof is the best illustrated beer. 

☕️☕️This very old Van Dael Coffee Roastery. Ths very small specialty coffee shop in a small beautiful building.

📕 Bruxelles - 100 chefs, 100 recettes cultes. In this book, the team behind Brussel’s Kitchen shares Homemade snicker from 203, monochrome curry from Old Boy, Katsu Don from Yamato, crispy bacon roll from Knees to Chin, Fernand Obb’s special fricadelle (★ alt. recipe), Sanzaru’s sea bream ceviche, Monella’s fried bomb, Edgar’s Flavors’ Frida’s Margarita, and many more.

Picture: Thomas Jean / La Minute Sauvage
The Beginning of the End

This book is sold as "A Whole New Approach to Making Desserts Through the Year", but Anna Higham actually wrote it to communicate her "love of fruit, of butter, of sweetness". That's why I'm in. This book can be inspiration or instruction: it's not groundbreaking. Still, it can offer you 150 never-fail seasonal recipes like Ricotta ice cream with magnolia syrup (★recipe) or Hay custard and tayberry tart (★recipe).

The Last Bite by Anna Higham
→ Shortplot (in her own emojis): 🍏🍎🍐🍊🍋🍇🍓🍒🍑🍫🌰🍯🥛🍦
This is the space where I share some food (un)related stuff of my week 
🛏The Scandinavian Sleep Method that Could Save Your Sleep and Your Marriage 🦀Seafood Chic is this Summer's Fashion Trend 🏳️‍🌈An LGBT Sandwich is just a BLT with Guacamole (recipe) 🍆 My kind of book: The Men ("In a single moment, in every part of the world, every person with a Y chromosome vanishes") 🌭This is for who survived the 4th of July: How many hot dogs would it take to kill you 👵🏼Bizarre and terrible food ads that would probably never run today (1940s-1960s) ☝️Street Foodle – a daily guessing game of street food 🥑The San Francisco joint that gave birth to avocado toast is closing 🇫🇷 9 Rules for Eating and Drinking Like the French (actually you need more than 9) 🍸If you made it here, you deserve a Porn Star Martini
If Crypto Was Food
Andrei R / Crypto Fireside
If Bitcoin was a food, it would be steak. Ethereum would be pizza. Then things get more complicated. 
Agostino Petroni  / Afar
The pink apple’s history goes back at least to Ancient Rome. But saving it from modernity is a mission for today. 
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