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This week I was only attracted by black and white photos. I picked this one, about a poor Mexican family sharing some peanuts (but I also wanted to use two old Yuzu farmers, squeezing that cool fruit). 

Black and white photography to me is The Wonder: you have two "colors", but you can get an infinite spectrum of possibilities. How many instants can live in a thousand greys, in blurring shots, on focused or unfocused compositions? 

It's like the wonder of music: seven notes and a billion tunes.

It's a squeeze of lemon in the water, olive oil on bread, salt on a cherry tomato. It's like when one plus one equals infinity. 


Picture: Larry Towell - Mennonites. La Batea, Zacatecas, Mexico, 1994 / MAGNUM (square signed print on sale this week, it's not a partnership... I just liked it)
We can live a few weeks without food, a few days without water, and a few hours without shelter in an inhospitable clime, but we cannot live for even a moment without some movement of imagination in mind and body.
→  Craig Chalquist, Declaration of Enchantment (hat-tip Claudia Dawson @Recomendo)
The Whole Foods Trends Council released its annual report on the ten predictions for the forthcoming year. You don't have any reindeer penis salad, but lots of food and drinks that deliver functional benefits and some sense of well-being. Here's your top ten. 

_1_ Ultra-urban farming, self-grown herbs and salad greens, and stuff.
_2_ Yuzu, a kind of citrus mainly cultivated in Japan, Korea and China: peach and chestnut seeds take 3 years to bear fruit, Yuzu traditionally takes 18.
_3_ Reducetarianism, aka eating less meat, eggs, diary.
_4_ Hibiscus.
_5_ Booze-free drinks.
_6_ Grains that give back, regenerative agriculture. 
_7_ Sunflower seeds, good for this pesto (★recipe)
_8_ Moringa, "traditionally used as an herbal remedy in parts of India and Africa, the US market is just beginning to catch on to the nutrient powerhouse of moringa in smoothies, sauces, and baked goods".
_9_ Functional fizz, like kombucha. 
_10_ Turmeric​ (they must be joking, turmeric's already everywhere!)

I'd bet on Yuzu (this one is clearly for Maricler), Moringa, Hibiscus, and Functional fizz. 

Picture: Japan Travel

At home, anything goes
★★ 1/2

We all have a friend who likes cooking, mixing styles, keeping it on the wild side. The friend that would fry a Mackerel Scotch egg or stir fry some squid and miso, or improvise a gooey Udon Carbonara. Just because he can. Tim Anderson is that guy: he wouldn't be my best friend, maybe, but he'd be still a good guy to share the bread with. PS: an "izakaya" is a type of informal Japanese bar.

Your Home Izakaya: Fun and Simple Recipes Inspired by the Drinking-and-Dining Dens of Japan by Tim Anderson
→ Shortplot: 🍜 🥚 🍛 🍆
This is a space where I share some food (un)related stuff of my week 

🗑 I'm happy that Milan, Italy, is one of the winners of the Earthshot Prize for its food waste hubs 🍆 Persian Jewish food, looks so good like this Eggplant Tachin (★recipe) 🔁 It's Adele Easy on me time here, but if you want to read something intelligent about that hit, you're served 🏅 Bon Appétit Heads of the Table, leaders changing the restaurant industry 🥯 Things we should try now: Picarones - sweet potato-and-squash doughnut - with fig chancaca syrup (★recipe) 🥃 Neil Patrick Harris on the sweet science of “remixing” Negronis (★recipes) 🌿 A Plant-Based World Expo 🤖 Meet Flippy, an automated machine that flips burgers or dips fries in hot oil or takes care of the dangerous repetitive operations in your professional kitchen 🏅 Food & Wine Best New Chefs 2021 
Joseph Lamour / MIC
The new MIC has many catchy headlines. This one reminded me when chef Sean Brock visited Prince's Hot Chicken shack in Nashville, Tennessee, and the lady there told him a story about a man that couldn't resist the urge to fornicate in the parking lot being the hot chicken so aphrodisiac to him. Basically, I linked this article just to tease you to watch the video
Virginia Sole-Smith / Bustle
What is Noom and does this app really work?
Yuko Taniguchi / MnArtists
I was sold at the first line: "Growing up in Japan, I had believed that sleep was a certain type of force, a spirit, that entered into our bodies. Our weakened bodies had a certain scent that the sleep-spirit could sense".
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