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Hi there!

It's eleven days to Christmas, but nothing will ever surprise me ever again, since I've just seen a British T-Rex wearing a Christmas jumper. Too bad he didn't have one during Ice-Age...

I will not overload you with hundreds of Xmas recipes this week, but as always we deliver smart links and a few great recipes (Kaleidoscope cookies made my day). The most difficult part is up to you: take some time and enjoy the wonders of that thing called food.


Picture: London's Natural History Museum.
Not knowing what will happen next also means anything  could.
→  Natasha Lunn, Conversations on Love
Anna Biret just won the Street Photography Awards 2021 with her work on lights and shadows. She says:
Light and shadow dominate our daily lives, often creating images saturated with mystery. Sometimes the silhouette emerges from the depth of the shadow, sometimes it seeks shelter in the shadow that protects it. Sometimes the sun with the shade and the mixture of colors create theatrical scenes.

She made me think: how can you create a shadow when cooking? I mean: is a shadow a contrast you feel when you eat something? Or is it all the discard that will never make it to your plate, like bones and overcooked roots? Is foie gras a true delicacy and the animal suffering its embarrassing shadow? Or the true shadow in cooking is something you have to chase and nail down, as Peter Pan did?

Don't have an answer for now, but I'm sure any great food has its shadow somewhere.

Picture: Untitled, India © Anna Biret

The taste of grief

One thing we have to face: sometimes food helps us cope with things we don't like about our existence. Lack of love. Pain. Grief. This book - one of 2021's bestsellers - is about grief. It's about a mother who's gone forever, and about this: "Cooking my mother's food [...] was an unspoken language between us, had come to symbolize our return to each other, our bonding, our common ground". 

Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner
→ Shortplot: 🇰🇷 🍲 😭 🛒
This is a space where I share some food (un)related stuff of my week 
🌈 Kaleidoscope cookies are the best trick of the year (★recipe) 🥖 But you can play with this optical crispy bread (★recipe) 💵 Why Is the Food in Succession So Gross? 🍔 Faux-Meat Burgers Will be Made From Maggots and Mealworms  💉 More than 150 German companies called for vaccinations and changed their brand name on social media 🐓 Laura Dern Misses Eating Fried Chicken at Chateau Marmontt With David Lynch (it was a buttermilk fried chicken, like this ★recipe) 🇲🇽 Definition of 'Mexican' Food to Be Decided by Nevada Judge 🇬🇧 Tortillas de harina, moo krob (★recipe) and eel: 2021’s Eater Awards Winners for London 🍕 Chef Tom Colicchio is selling NFT pizza 💯 New York Times Cooking 50 Most Popular Recipes of 2021: a lot of Birria, but also a good Yo Po Mian and a One-Bowl Carrot Cake (★recipes) 🍸 Connaught Bar is The World's Best Bar, see you in Mayfair, cheers!
Sara Murphy / Gastro Obscura
"The 'Aisle of Shame' is the unofficial name Aldi enthusiasts have given the discount store’s middle aisle, [..] We’re talking everything from vegan lasagna made from lentils to a churro maker and apple cinnamon latte-flavored dog biscuits". Guilty. 
Geraldine DeRuiter / Everywhereist
In Wasted Calories and Ruined Nights: A Journey Deeper into Dining Hell food critic Jay Rayner collected the worst restaurants he reviewed with the idea that spending hundreds of pounds on dinner should buy you the “sublime, not the stupid” (this one, about Le Cinq is a classic). Many years later we have Everywhereist vs Bros.: please read it all, at least till the Chef's Kiss. 
Martin Bailey / The Art Newspaper
You really have to love Van Gogh to read this. Or love herrings, at least. Anyway, this masterpiece was born because In French, hareng saur (smoked herring) is sometimes used as a slang term for a gendarme (policeman).
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