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Hi there!

What do you see here? A cat wearing a dress at the annual Pet Expo in Bangkok, Thailand. Sure. 

Somehow, my mind ran at the Japanese concept of bakeneko, meaning cat-shapeshifters that killed their owners and took their place (more here, via The Browser). 

Then I took a look at my new pantry, trying to count how many heavily processed foods took the place of authentic staples. Potato flakes surely count. Canned chickpeas, juice boxes, and pasta are a crime? Industrial bread (and chocolate panini) probably are. Canned anchovies, I don't care, you'll never take them away from me.

Now, tell me, how much of your pantry has been already conquered by a modern shapeshifter?


Picture: AFP/Getty Images
You don’t have to sit in your studio and throw a dart and hope that it lands on the bull’s-eye. If you actually walk up to the dartboard, you can just place it in the bull’s-eye. 
→  Virgil Abloh, inspiring artist and designer (link). He will be missed.
I can't grow a single basil leaf, but this one by Quartz is a must to me: why indigenous knowledge is central to making the global food system sustainable

While the industrial system provides as many foods as possible all the time, the indigenous system:
  • Change diet according to what is in season
  • Combine food production with food generation
  • Manage localities and activities in the same food system
  • Considers humans as stewards of their environment

What's wrong with that?

Picture: Bring Home the Harvest © ANINDITA ROY, Bangladesh - Working Woman in the paddy drying zone in Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Soaring recipes

Once upon a time, I was in New York City having breakfast at Bubby's. Everyone at the table had those perfect pancakes, I asked for the sourdough variation. "They will be slightly different, thinner and acid", the waitress said to me. They were very good, but damn she was right. Sourdough is having its moment, but it's not perfect for any single recipe. And it's not only for crusty bread, as this book will remind you. 

The Sweet Side of Sourdough by Caroline Schiff
→ Shortplot: 🥖 🥞 💦
This is a space where I share some food (un)related stuff of my week 

🍳 Thanks to Karma, a Secret Breakfast reader, I'm now obsessed with The Canlit Foodbook by Margaret Atwood 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 A Castle for Christmas is a really bad movie (featuring Wesley of The Princess Bride), with the wrongest soundtrack ever, that will make you crave some Scottish petticoat tails shortbread (★recipe)  🍫 Crazy Italian chocolate cake is an egg-free chocolate cake I learned about on Dense Discovery by co-design coach and researcher Emma Blomkamp (★recipe) 🍄 'Shrooms are growing in your nearest WholeFoods 🥔 It's time for Grandma Latkes (★recipe) 🍕 Licorice Pizza is not a pizza place but a good movie about a music store ☕️ Standart is a magazine about coffee that comes with its beans 🇨🇦Québec have a strategic reserve of maple syrup. What?
Amanda Mull / The Altantic
Probably we do not need all those multivitamin tabs. But read here to understand why. 
Lex Pryor / The Ringer
There are tons of ideas calling for Yam (★recipe), but this stuff has a long story of racial theft, reinvention, and identity.
Melissa Pandika / Mic
I can't resist linking to Ms. Pandika's work for Mic. Especially on Holyday Season. Because one has to recognize the things he does appreciate about himself.
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