Scavengers launches Season 0, adds free Battle Pass and a new PvE mode

Happy Friday! Scavengers kicks off today Season 0 by launching a free Battle Pass for all the players. The PvEvP Survival Shooter developed by Midwinter Entertainment and published by Improbable begins its first season - Season 0: The First Frontier - running from July 23rd until September 6th alongside an FREE introductory Battle Pass. Midwinter will be looking for community feedback on the Battle Pass and Season 0 content as it continues to evolve Scavengers ahead of its full launch. You can learn more about the free Battle Pass here.

You can find press assets here, and a gameplay deep dive trailer here

Explorers can claim the Battle Pass for free in the Shop until August 3rd, after which time it will be available to purchase starting August 4th. Scavengers’ first Battle Pass Season will last for 45 days, from July 23rd to September 6th. With the Battle Pass, players will be able to earn fun new First Frontier cosmetic items, including a First Frontier Cruz skin, weapon skins, banners, and emblems, as well as Chips and Research resources. Explorers will be able to claim the first reward - the Cazador First Frontier weapon skin - immediately after unlocking the Battle Pass. Players can also look forward to more items being added to the Battle Pass through the weeks.

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Furthermore, Midwinter has developed for the first time a full new mode in addition to the core game mode, the community requested PvE Horde mode. In this new mode, teams of three Explorers fight off waves of AI enemies to protect 2 data uplinks. As soon as they have gathered enough data, Mother calls down a new feature: the R.A.S.P.! Teams can use the R.A.S.P. for a quick extraction back to the Sanctuary. 

Introduced in the new PvE Horde mode, the R.A.S.P. will also be an exciting new addition to the main Expedition mode during Season 0, offering Explorer’s a strategic mid-game extraction.

Let us know if you have any questions or requests regarding Scavengers. We have boosters available if you want to jump into the game right away!

Developed by veterans from the Halo, Battlefield, and Battlefront franchises, Scavengers drops players into a hostile frozen wasteland, where squads of three compete to survive and score datapoints against rival teams. Explorers are equipped with a combination of powerful abilities and futuristic weaponry to survive in a strategic battleground that blends sandbox-style PvE and class-based PvP. 

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About Midwinter Entertainment
Midwinter is a new Washington-based video game development studio established by veterans of the Halo, Battlefield, and Battlefront franchises, among many others. Josh Holmes, Fredrik Persson, Daryl Anselmo, and Peter Burzynski co-founded the studio after successful careers in AAA gaming. Holmes most recently served as Creative Director of Halo 4 and Studio Head of 343 Industries during the making of Halo 5: Guardians. Midwinter was acquired by Improbable in September 2019. For more information, please visit

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