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Bleadon Levels, Somerset
Sea from the Sky
We took to the skies over the weekend on another marine mammal aerial survey. These flights around the South West of Britain contribute to our understanding of the numbers and distribution of harbour porpoises and dolphins but also other marine mammals such as grey seals.
Team Walkaround
Nanjing Partnership
In honour of our collaboration with Nanjing University Research Institute of Changshu (NJUecoRICH) we recently held a MoU signing ceremony. NJUecoRICH are a respected wetland organisation in China. Together we are working with MET Studios on habitat creation and a visitor centre at Jiulongkou National Wetland Park.

Tunquén Wetlands, Chile
We have been contracted by Asociación Humedal Tunquén to provide advice on habitat management and the establishment of interpretation facilities at Humedal Tunquén. The area, a nature sanctuary, comprises 100ha of wetland habitats and it’s considered one of the hotspots for biodiversity in central Chile.
Swale at Wyndhurst Farm, Bristol
Farm Wetland Design
We have been working with the North Devon Biosphere team to design passive wetland features on five farms in the Taw Torridge Estuary to tackle diffuse pollution issues from surface run-off. When installed, the wetlands will help to improve water quality within the estuary catchment and increase local biodiversity.

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