5 Sept 2017



Virginia Mucchi
Head of Communications

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The Weekly Compass is back after the summer break and, from now on, you will receive it every Tuesday morning instead of Monday.

Discussions on the future of ACP-EU relations are moving at a very slow pace while the clock keeps on ticking. In this edition, I am very happy to share the new brief by ECDPM’s Jean Bossuyt, who sheds light on the way to break the inertia. The preferred ‘umbrella’ scenario, he says, needs to be turned on its head. This has major implications for EU and African Member States and regional organisations that are yet to take a position in this debate.  

As the Annual World Tourism Conference was held last week in Kigali, we feature a blog by Greta Galeazzi that underlines the potential and the challenges of sustainable tourism in Africa.

We also invite you to a lunchtime seminar on 18 September, where we will discuss how Dutch companies promote productive employment in Africa.

This week is also the beginning of what I hope will be an interesting and fruitful collaboration with Euractiv: in the coming months we will be featuring their latest articles on international cooperation and sustainable development.

All the best,
Virginia Mucchi

Editor's Pick

ACP-EU relations beyond 2020: Engaging the future or perpetuating the past?

In September 2018, exactly one year from now, negotiations on a new partnership between the European Union and the African, Caribbean and Pacific group of states (ACP) will start. The so-called ‘umbrella’ option is now on the table, calling for a single all-ACP agreement with separate regional components for the ‘A’, the ‘C’ and the ‘P’. This ECDPM brief calls on the negotiating partners to reverse the order of this debate, discussing regional partnerships first and an all-ACP umbrella second.

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Why is it so difficult to develop sustainable tourism in West and East Africa?

Photo courtesy of Alex Berger via Flickr

Tourism is a sector with great potential and yet it is still struggling to flourish in several African countries. Addressing key factors such as infrastructure, visa policies and security is essential for tourism to become an engine for economic growth and job creation on the continent. 

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Lunchtime seminar ‘Fostering productive employment in Africa: the Dutch way’

Photo courtesy of Andrea Moroni via Flickr
ECDPM and the African Studies Centre Leiden organise a lunchtime discussion on how Dutch companies promote productive employment in Africa. We invite you to join us on 18 September in our ECDPM office in Brussels. You can register here.

More information on the seminar

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African and European leaders renew efforts to tackle migration

Photo courtesy of Yoan Valat/ EPA
Last week, the leaders of Chad, Niger, Libya, Germany, Italy and Spain, hosted by French president Macron, gathered in Paris. The meeting's aim was to renew efforts to tackle migration.
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3-5 SEPT

The ministers for agriculture and fisheries convene for an informal meeting to discuss how to empower farmers with effective tools to manage risks post-2020.

4-8 SEPT

The 2017 African Green Revolution Forum takes place in Abidjan, under the theme ‘Accelerating Africa’s Path to Prosperity: Growing Inclusive Economies and Jobs through Agriculture’.

6-7 SEPT

Tunis will host the Libya International Peace Forum for organisations involved in community-level and municipal peacebuilding efforts in Libya to come together and exchange.

Other news & interesting reads


58239fd1-0d8c-413c-8f2a-c2f72cf5dab5.png Ahead of World Water Week, ODI shared ten important insights on the future of water and sanitation up to 2030...

58239fd1-0d8c-413c-8f2a-c2f72cf5dab5.png … and The World Resources Institute explained why we are facing a global water crisis.

58239fd1-0d8c-413c-8f2a-c2f72cf5dab5.png According to an article in The Conversation UK, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) faces a worsening crisis in terms of its access to water in the decades to come.

58239fd1-0d8c-413c-8f2a-c2f72cf5dab5.png A new FAO publication highlights the increasing impact of agriculture on water pollution.


58239fd1-0d8c-413c-8f2a-c2f72cf5dab5.png  Over 3,500 migrant fatalities were recorded worldwide in 2017, according to the UN International Organization for Migration.

58239fd1-0d8c-413c-8f2a-c2f72cf5dab5.png  According to the head of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Uganda is a leading example of a sustainable refugee response.

58239fd1-0d8c-413c-8f2a-c2f72cf5dab5.png A new report by the International Organization for Migration shows migration can be a positive adaptation strategy to environmental and climate change.

58239fd1-0d8c-413c-8f2a-c2f72cf5dab5.png Despite the reported decrease in the arrival of migrants of the past month, experts underline that the search for solutions to tackle the root causes of migration should continue, reports The Washington Post.


58239fd1-0d8c-413c-8f2a-c2f72cf5dab5.png The UK government has announced an extra five-year package to help Nigeria fight Boko Haram, which amounts to £200 million. In the meanwhile, Boko Haram intensifies its war on civilians, reports IRIN news.

58239fd1-0d8c-413c-8f2a-c2f72cf5dab5.png A Carnegie Europe article argues that several defense proposals which could strengthen European military efforts need more buy-in from national defense ministries.

58239fd1-0d8c-413c-8f2a-c2f72cf5dab5.png An article by African Arguments discusses the “dangerous over-reliance” of the Burundian army on international peacekeeping missions to finance their troops.


58239fd1-0d8c-413c-8f2a-c2f72cf5dab5.png ODI’s new policy brief discusses how trade can be used as a tool to drive Africa’s industrialisation.

58239fd1-0d8c-413c-8f2a-c2f72cf5dab5.png According to an article in the Economist, Africa’s development model puzzles economists.

58239fd1-0d8c-413c-8f2a-c2f72cf5dab5.png An article by The Economist explains why Africa’s development model puzzles economists.

58239fd1-0d8c-413c-8f2a-c2f72cf5dab5.png The African Tax Administration Forum has published the second edition of the African tax outlook 2017.


58239fd1-0d8c-413c-8f2a-c2f72cf5dab5.png An ICTSD opinion piece stresses the importance of subnational efforts for jump-starting and accelerating the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

58239fd1-0d8c-413c-8f2a-c2f72cf5dab5.png According to the International Food Policy Research Institute, Africa must invest now to harness future agricultural technologies.

58239fd1-0d8c-413c-8f2a-c2f72cf5dab5.png A Devex article on the Global Hunger Index: Africa edition reports that sub-Saharan Africa has the highest levels of hunger and undernutrition of any other subregion in the

58239fd1-0d8c-413c-8f2a-c2f72cf5dab5.png Bruegel’s policy report “Towards EU-MENA shared prosperity” addresses the international decarbonisation policies and technological advancements and their impact in the MENA region.

58239fd1-0d8c-413c-8f2a-c2f72cf5dab5.png A recent mudslide in Sierra Leone, which has caused hundreds of deaths, brings once again to surface how Sub-Saharan Africa is particularly vulnerable to natural disasters due to poverty, climate change, and limited capacity to manage its rapid urban growth.


58239fd1-0d8c-413c-8f2a-c2f72cf5dab5.png The Wall Street Journal reports on the unprecedented decision by the Supreme Court to annul last month’s presidential election as a watershed for African democracy.

58239fd1-0d8c-413c-8f2a-c2f72cf5dab5.png Last week, the Government of Malawi and UNICEF launched an air corridor to test the use of drones for humanitarian purposes – the first in Africa and one of the first globally with a focus on humanitarian and development use.

58239fd1-0d8c-413c-8f2a-c2f72cf5dab5.png  SAIIA publishes a special issues of its South African Journal of International reviewing the first decade of the EU-South Africa Strategic Partnership.

58239fd1-0d8c-413c-8f2a-c2f72cf5dab5.png This infographic by the World Bank Group and GFDRR show how building safer and resilient cities is essential to prevent hazards, particularly in vulnerable countries.

58239fd1-0d8c-413c-8f2a-c2f72cf5dab5.png In a recent IISD article, the President of the Pan African Parliament shares his ambitions for a politically united, secure and economically-integrated Africa.



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