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With her retrograde station on May 12, Venus began the Completion Phase of her Scorpio>Libra Cycle. Collectively, this is when the feminine

            "defends and completely shares its re-made feminine intention
             freely and skillfully, without constraints of societal expectations." 

                                                                2018-2020 Scorpio>Libra Venus Cyle ephemeris, p. 17

sky events in completion phase

The three important sky events in this phase are:
  1. Venus stationing retrograde - shift in emphasis to live from our inner life
  2. Venus moving in retrograde motion - differentiation from others
  3. Venus disappearing into the setting Sun - change from externally reliable self-image to an internally-defined self-image
It's interesting to contemplate Venus as an EveningStar completing the current Venus-Sun cycle in the same sign which will imprint Her new cycle when She is first visible in early June as a MorningStar in Gemini. What better example is there of the importance of remembering where we come from when we begin anew? Is anything ever really new, or is "new" really another opportunity to open up into other layers of what we already are
"The new Venus Cycle is very, very similar to the Cycle that produced the 2004 and 2012 Venus Transits. We can think of the new one beginning June 3, 2020 as having the same Body or soma as the prior two. In fact, it begins with the same Venus-Sun interior conjunction (when Venus is closest to Earth and fastest retrograde) at the degree of her own dharma, Venus' North Node. Just like the prior two Transits, this invokes humanity's next collective Feminine evolution: the next stage of embodying our inclusive, harmonizing, and deeply caring power to bring balance or change to every situation."  ~ Adam 

new venus ephemeris

Adam is completing the immense research of the Venus Gemini Journey particulars we will collectively experience from June 3, 2020 through January 8, 2022. 

Just as he did with the last ephemeris/calendar (see sample below) Adam will be highlighting 
  • All major planetary transits to Venus
  • Venus in aspect to key stars and constellations
  • Venus crossing the ecliptic, celestial equator and galactic equator
  • Venus reaching maximum latitude and declination
  • Venus revisiting important degrees of this cycle (i.e. Sun conjunctions, maximum elongations, maximum brightnesses, fastest speeds, and heliacal risings and settings)
  • Venus in aspect to her own nodes
And more....!

You may pre-order your ephemeris now which will be emailed to you before June 3rd. 
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sample page from Scorpio>Libra Cycle ephemeris/calendar
Join Adam for two special meditations:

June 3, 2020, 8 – 8:30p PDT

Meditation on Inception of Venus in Gemini Cycle

June 9, 2020, 8:35p – 10:00p PDT
Transmission of what the first half of the new 19-month Venus Cycle
is offering human evolution 


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more venus

Most of you know Adam as an expert on planetary cycles, phases and Sky Factors. If you're a new subscriber and less familiar with Adam's work, especially with Venus, you'll enjoy checking out the wealth of materials in the Tantric Pair section of the Store (all about the cycles of Venus and Mars). 

For additional context on what this Venus Gemini Cycle may hold, here is an interview with Adam on Adam Sommer's podcast from June 2012, right after the release of The Light of Venus
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