"... personal power results from mastering the illusion of our fear through open-heartedness. The Transmutation Phase is humanity's feminine means of righting our relationship with Love."~ The Light of Venus, p. 121-122
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I continue to feel how many layers of change we as individuals, families, and groups are going through now. We're not only facing our willingness and ability to let go of old habits and dead beliefs -- we are in a massive and complete re-orienting to what our truth and reality is now. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction and the Saturn-Uranus squares (February, June and December) indicate we will become increasingly exposed to, immersed or unavoidably affected by systemic changes to our entire framework for what's real, what's not possible, and what we actually want in our life. This will take years through each of us. 

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It’s in these times that astrology’s most powerful benefit is to show us to ourselves more nakedly. Too often, astrological events become asphyxiated by astrologers' intellectual interpretations without any breath-chance of producing fundamental change in one's psyche. The reason for this is neither the fault of astrology nor individuals; it’s a direct result of our shared, collective human fear of what we do not know and what we cannot control. The Transmutation Phase of the Venus Cycle is ALL about getting to the heart of what's real and what isn't.

In my book on Venus, Venus furthest from Earth and conjunct the Sun marks the start of the Transmutation Phase, her fastest and darkest passage behind the Sun. As part of this Attunement event on March 25, I'll explain the phase, delineate the numerous planet, star and constellational alignments Venus will make during this Transmutation (March 25 to May 15, 2021) and guide you in a breath-based invocation/meditation to welcome into your body what you're now ready for.

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Venus is invisible, farthest from Earth, coming around the other side of the Sun.
"Transmutation is essentially a feminine mode of transformation. Changes occur form the inside first...we might grow apart from long-time friends with whom we share lots of history. Transmutation forces us to serve who we are becoming, beyond who we've been.. . "~ The Light of Venus, p. 120

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about Venus

As the primary signifier for the Feminine Principle in western astrology, Venus is too often polarized to stand only for the good, the beautiful and the fair. She IS those, but she will also show us our dark desire, the pain of lost love turned into vengeance or despair and the righteous self-sacrifice for collective healing. For those with some astrological understanding, remember that we human beings access the archetypal and collective power of the outer planets to heal and evolve as a species ONLY through the agents of the inner planets. In this light, it is our internal Inner Planets that show us how much of our Full Self we are actually living. 

I am sincerely looking forward to this experience together.

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"The heart of transmutation is your willingness to lose your (familiar) self for the promise of a greater, more encompassing reality...". ~ The Light of Venus, p. 120
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