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"I'm excited about what can happen in this workshop because this is the first time I feel the green-light to share some of the inner tech I've been exploring and refining since February of this year." ~ Adam

Last call for Awakening the Heart's Bodymind workshop ...

In this experiential workshop, Adam will first explain and then facilitate experiences into both the Body and Mind of our innate Heart's Intelligence. 

In these unprecedented times, cultivating the ability to meet our moment from our deepest Intelligence (Heart) will provide us an immeasurable advantage in navigating what's ahead. Adam has many years of experience facilitating individuals, couples and groups in opening to more Love, self-honesty and self-mastery from his own deep-seated commitment to wholeness. 

If you are ready to explore a new paradigm of living and engaging YOUR life, this workshop is for you. 


"This was an awesome presentation. My hat goes off to Adam Gainsburg, a truly gifted and intuitive astrologer.
Open up that imagination. Dream up more connections, schemes and techniques that really work." ~ A. Shields

Thanks to all of you who attended Adam's recent Fuel-Angle-Tool Method for ISAR's Star Club - it was equally well-attended and well-received! 

This 90-minute lecture highlights Adam's original method for delineating the cardinal angles of the natal chart, merging their timeless archetypal influence with their intimate aspirations for us as unique expressions of Universe/God-Goddess/Oneness (insert your preferred word here)....

"Re-surging is to find your mojo again and kick it into gear."

From Adam:

Mars stops this Saturday. "What?? But Mars never stops!" He never stops moving, yes. This Saturday, November 14 he'll stop reversing and, slowly at first, begin to pick up speed in his forward direction again. That moment, when Mars stops backwarding, is the start of his ReSurgence Phase, the ninth phase of thirteen with the Sun he journeys through. Re-surging is to find your mojo again (at the station) and kick it into gear. It gets us back in touch with doing, going, striving and achieving in demonstrable or familiar ways. Every ReSurgence Phase creates the same face of Mars to us on Earth: "I'm back and ready to go, to regain the ground I missed, to redo what I need to, to go in a different direction if things have changed, or have a second go at what I really want but misjudged what was needed the first time around!" 

In Aries (still), Mars is telling us our challenge and opportunity now is to keep a balanced head and not fall into vengefulness or any other distorted viewpoint that was created because of circumstances beyond our discernment before. 

Photo of Mars by Eliot Herman from
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