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Venus ReBirth Phase:
Discovering our re-made Feminine intention in a new context; birthing our feminine destiny (collective identity)
digital artist: Amélie Gebhard (find Amélie on Instagram at justanthology)

Queen of Heaven & Earth

This period of Venus' invisibility (during the Immersion and Transmutation Phases) has hit many hard, especially paired with this time of restricted socialization and access to in-person community (though thank goddess for online platforms!). It has really 'forced' us to confront our habits and attachments around relationship of all kinds, most especially with ourselves.

Hopefully we have also been accessing a deeper connection with our timeless nature, and allowing the isolation to be restorative -- a way to find our own natural pace. 

As Venus returns to visibility as EveningStar, the rules of engagement are not as before. Whereas She was Queen of Heaven as MorningStar, her tribulations in the Other/Underworld now afford her better footing on solid ground, as long as She (we) remain true to the pulse of continuous renewal from this point forward.
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"[The ReBirth Phase] Dharma is to forge a stable, new foundation for us to actualize our own self-love and power." ~ The Light of Venus, p. 133


Venus has been making an appearance on the western horizon in some locations in the Northern Hemisphere as early as May 1! Wait - isn't she still in the Other/Underworld? Doesn't Her ReBirth Phase start May 15??

Yes. This is one of the many interesting nuances of the Venus cycle which Adam will cover in the upcoming Venus ReBirth Phase Presentation & Attunement.

From Adam:

This is my intention behind holding the next Venus Attunement: to explain, invoke and welcome into our lives Venus' ReBirth blessings. I'll be sharing about the key alignments Venus makes during this year's ReBirth and the profound symbolism of Venus reappearing in our skies now as EveningStar and facilitating a guided experience to activate our inner Venus through the transmission of Venus now in our sky. 
Venus' celestial position on May 15, 2021
All registrants will receive access to the video recording of the event.
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