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May 28 through June 3 heralds Venus' swan song of the Scorpio>Libra Cycle. If you've been watching Venus in the evening sky, you'll have noticed her brightness and altitude diminishing rapidly in the last week or so. The Sun is rapidly catching up with Venus as Venus' retrograde speed is increasing, bringing her towards the Sun more rapidly with each day.

The cycle which began on October 26, 2018 is coming to a close now, calling us to

            "face our attachment or rejection of endings and loss, both in our interior dimensions and within the outer world. We move into more stillness and quiet, or make peace with our past, adversaries and our choices." 
                                                                2018-2020 Scorpio>Libra Venus Cycle Calendar & Ephemeris, p. 18

sky events of this phase

The three important sky events in this phase are*:
  1. Venus reaching closest to Earth - increases, energizes or intensifies those qualities unique to your Feminine Self
  2. Venus at maximum retrograde velocity - decreases the 'distance' between the many qualities of our Feminine Self
  3. Venus disappearing into the Sun - symbolizes the change from an externally reliable self-image to an internal one
*pg. 170, The Light of Venus

Consider Venus at max retrograde velocity, moving in between Earth and Sun! This is a powerful surge of Feminine energy/light that impels the release of remaining attachments with respect to the outgoing cycle's evolutionary intent. 
"What have we embodied now that we haven't before? What seems to be next? What do things feel like now? Each hour of the Transition Phase's six-day duration intensifies the mash-up of human endeavor, experience of loss and the return of faith. Transition Phase quickens us beyond distinctions of you and I or good and bad as Venus is about to subsume into the Sun."  ~ Adam 

new venus ephemeris

The Venus Gemini Cycle Calendar & Ephemeris is available for pre-order! If you purchase now, it will be emailed to you prior to June 3...

Just as he did with the last Calendar (see sample below) Adam will be highlighting:
  • All major planetary transits to Venus
  • Venus in aspect to key stars and constellations
  • Venus crossing the ecliptic, celestial equator and galactic equator
  • Venus reaching maximum latitude, declination and Out of Bounds
  • Venus revisiting important degrees of this cycle (i.e. Sun conjunctions, maximum elongations, maximum brightnesses, fastest speeds, and heliacal risings and settings)
  • Venus in aspect to her own nodes
And of course, lots lots more....
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"The new Venus Cycle is very, very similar to the Cycle that produced the 2004 and 2012 Venus Transits. We can think of the new one beginning June 3, 2020 as having the same Body or soma (feeling memory) as the prior two. In fact, it begins with the same Venus-Sun interior conjunction pattern (when Venus is closest to Earth and fastest retrograde) at the degree of her own dharma, Venus' North Node. Just like the prior two Transits, this invokes humanity's next collective Feminine evolution: the next stage of embodying our inclusive, harmonizing, and deeply caring power to bring balance or change to every situation."  ~ Adam 
sample page from the prior Scorpio>Libra Cycle Calendar Ephemeris
Join Adam for two special meditations:

June 3, 2020, 8 – 8:30p PDT

Inception Phase Meditation into the very heart/start of our new Gemini Venus Cycle

June 9, 2020, 8:35p – 10:00p PDT
Transmission of what the first half of the new 19-month Venus Cycle
is offering human evolution 


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meditations will be recorded and sent to all registrants, even if you can't attend live
Send a reply to this email with your interest in registering for either or both events.
You will receive Zoom links for each meditation.
"The Solar Feminine is our illuminated feeling Body. This is our Logos in form, rather than in mind primarily. She provides us our sentience. This is not just re-connecting left and right brain; this is cellularly reconfiguring our moment-to-moment choice to re-relate our Heart and our mind in right relationship. "  ~ from podcast with Adam Sommer, May 2012   
the full podcast is worth a listen!

where are we headed?

The potency of this upcoming Venus cycle is based on several considerations, including:
  • Venus beginning Her cycle on Her own North Node, our collective Feminine Dharma
  • Venus will be practically retracing her steps through the Great Bull constellation (see images below) precisely as she did for the Venus Transit of 2012. The Great Bull constellation was seen by many cultures in antiquity as one of the most ancient images of the Feminine.  
By all accounts, this is a Venus cycle to attune to!
Venus Retrograde "Z" in 2012 (L) and Venus Retrograde "Z" in 2020 (R)
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From the Cosmic Intelligence Agency:

Join the Venus Star Agents for this masterclass for the next round of info and research about the Venus Cycle, Venus Phases and the Venus Star Points. All occurring on Venus’ own planetary node as did the Transit of Venus in 2004 and 2012, as well as occurring on the North Node of Uranus.

The Gemini Star point is perhaps the most significant Star Point of our times!

"I'd encourage every Venus lover to join the Star Agents for a wealth of not just knowledge but genuine devotion and wisdom" ~ Adam
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