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"I feel to offer the Soulsign community an evening experience into the imminent Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in less than 2 weeks. I'll share my thoughts and impressions of this catalytic alignment and then lead a guided attunement into your current and future relationship with this trio (Earth, Jupiter, Saturn)."
~ Adam

The rollercoaster of 2020 began with the Sun-Saturn-Ceres-Pluto conjunction of January 12 and finishes with the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction at 0 Aquarius on December 21. This event is significant in myriad ways - so much so that it's also generating buzz in non-astrology circles and it's even appearing in mainstream news outlets

There is no shortage of opinions being presented around the significance of this rare alignment, but those of you receiving this email know that Adam's take will include information not found elsewhere.

Adam will offer an in-depth examination of the deeper psycho-emotional terrain of this and other Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions using considerations such as: 

1. Latitude - what is the the significance of Jupiter & Saturn meeting in southern latitude?
2. Their relationship with the Sun - what context do their respective phases at the time of the conjunction add to its meaning?
3. Fixed Star - what does their meet-up with fixed star Altair (by longitude) signify?


Saturn and Jupiter moving successively closer since Summer 2020
Photo from BBC Sky at Night magazine
For everyone who has purchased

As a BONUS for all who purchased The Mars Course: Unifying Desire & Purpose, Adam will host a live Q&A on a Mars Day to answer your questions about the material. 

Also be sure to bring your notes from the field (if you've been applying what you've learned with your family, friends and/or clients). We've received emails from some of you already using the Mars Phases in your practice and it's so inspiring to read how much it resonates with your clients, too!

Everyone who has purchased/purchases the Mars Course will automatically receive a Zoom link to log in to the Q&A a few days before the class

"When I heard Adam talking about this way of working with Mars in an interview he did, I immediately resonated and knew that he was right and that this was very important information for people to understand what they were meant to be doing in their lifetime on the Path."
~ Cherry B., Jungian psychotherapist and Mars Course enthusiast
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